Health Pack For Obesity

Health Pack For Obesity

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Obesity is a term which is used for overweight people. It means deposition of excessive fats in the body due to multiple reasons. Normal weight and fats are alright in the body however when these go beyond limits then the condition of obesity arises. Obesity is not considered to be a disease or health disorder in medical science however it is the causative factor for other diseases in the body. Obesity is gauged or determined by calculating the BMI or body mass index of a person. BMI or body mass index which is the determining factor for obesity is itself calculated by taking into consideration the height and weight of a person. A person is said to be obese or overweight if his/her weight is approximately 20% more than the normal body weight. Multiple health problems arise due to obesity such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack etc.  

What are the reasons for obesity?

There are different reasons for obesity in different people. Some of the major causative factors for obesity are as mentioned below.

Lack of physical activity or inactive lifestyle  


Consumption of excess of sugars and carbohydrates

Lack of proper and adequate sleep and rest

Use of certain medicines which are prescribed for health conditions such as diabetes

Imbalance of hormones in the body

Hereditary factors

Symptoms of obesity

Well, the most common and evident symptom of obesity is being overweight. Deposition of excessive fats which makes a person look fat is a direct signal or indicative of obesity.

Herbal treatment options for obesity

Although obesity is not a disease however we still need to get rid of it and make efforts to shed excessive weight so as to prevent other health problems which arise due to obesity. You may find various medicines or products in the market which claim to reduce weight fast however there are certain side-effects or health hazards associated with such products or medicines. Also these do not assure permanent freedom from obesity.

An excellent alternative to reduce or completely treat obesity is to use herbal formulas. These herbal medicines or products are prepared keeping in view the safety of users. Only herbs or natural ingredients are contained in these herbal preparations which assure safety of the users. No side-effects are caused due to use of herbal remedies for treatment and prevention of obesity. At the same time, these herbal formulas offer long-lasting relief from the obese condition and the associated health problems.

Divya Triphala churna

This herbal formula is helpful in accelerating the rate of metabolism and also optimizes the digestive functions. This in turn relieves constipation and flatulence. It helps in controlling appetite and prevents over-eating. Also digestive enzymes are secreted in apt proportions to consume the excessive fats deposited in the body.

Divya Medohar vati

It is known for its excellence and efficiency in treatment and prevention of the condition called as obesity. It reduces appetite in a natural way and also brings about normal balance amid various hormones to reduce excessive weight. Blood sugar is also controlled with the help of this herbal formula.

Divya Peya (herbal tea)

It nourishes all the body parts and systems including digestive system for their proper and maximum efficiency. It reduces weight by controlling the appetite and also normalizes all the digestive functions.

Yoga DVD for obesity

Yoga is another excellent and efficient way to get rid of obesity or over weight. In this yoga DVD, you will find tips and instructions to carry out various yoga poses which are especially meant to reduce weight.  It is perhaps the best way to reduce weight as there are no medications or other therapies. You just need to perform some physical exercises in the form of yoga poses regularly and get rid of excessive weight.

Tips to lose weight

In order to lose weight in a natural and safe way, it is best to make some changes in the diet, eating habits and lifestyle so that no harm is caused to overall health of a person.  

Try to control your appetite to tolerable limits. It saves you from getting indulged in overeating which is one of the major reasons for obesity.

Have balance diet full of fibrous materials.

You may eat frequently but in small quantities. It helps in proper and complete digestion which in turn prevents deposition of fats in the body.

Incorporate exercises or physical activities in your daily routine. It helps in burning excessive claries and hence reduces weight.

Drink lots of water to flush out toxins from the body.

Have proper rest and sleep to ensure normal metabolic activity.

Say not o fried, oily and junk foods. Also reduce intake of sugar in your diet. Similarly, consumption of salt should also be restricted as it leads to bloating of the stomach. 


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