Health Pack for Multiple Sclerosis

Health Pack for Multiple Sclerosis

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Multiple Sclerosis

Our brain suffers from various disorders or diseases and multiple sclerosis is also one of them. It is relevant to the spinal cord or the brain or in some cases even both of these.  It is in fact an immune disorder which is caused due to damage caused to the myelin sheath that helps in covering the nerve fibres. This sheath becomes scarred at multiple sites and hence this condition is named as multiple sclerosis. There are multiple sclerotic patches which appear in the grey cells or white cells of the brain as well as spinal cord. The sclerotic patches may be found in the white matter, walls of the ventricle and the medulla oblongata plus the pons of the brain.

It is to be noted that the sclerotic patches are mainly formed due to overgrowth of the neuralgic cells and the fibres. As a result of this action, the lumen of the nerve fibres gets reduced.  Since brain is linked to all the body parts and acts as a commanding centre for most of the activities that are carried out by the body therefore multiple sclerosis has an adverse effect on the physical functions as well. Various physical functions especially relevant to such parts which are directly associated with the spinal cord are impaired due to multiple sclerosis in a person.

Major reasons for occurrence of multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis may be caused due to multiple reasons in an individual.  The most important out of these are as mentioned below.

· Exposure to excessively cold and wet climatic conditions

· Family history of the disease

· Infectious diseases

· Sexually transmitted diseases or other diseases associated with immune system such as syphilis and HIV

· Injury to the head or brain

Signs and Symptoms of multiple sclerosis

As far as signs and symptoms of multiple sclerosis are concerned, these may vary according to the section or part of the brain involved. Also different stages of multiple sclerosis show varying signs and symptoms. The foremost sign which appears due to presence of multiple sclerosis in the brain is headache.


Difficulty in communication

Disturbed vision

Harm caused to the hearing power

Body pain in different parts

Weakness of the limbs

Difficulty in using hands

Trembling or shivering of the muscles which mostly starts in tongue

Shivering, contraction and paralysis

Monotonous speech 

Worsening of the disease with advancement in its stages

Movement of eyeballs from side to side

Running of saliva out of the mouth

Dribbling of urination

Unconsciousness for prolonged time period

Herbal remedies for multiple sclerosis

In order to treat the problem of multiple sclerosis completely and properly, it is advised to take herbal medicines or products so that no side-effects are caused on the health of a person. These remedies are completely safe and beneficial for the overall health of a person.  Herbal remedies are an alternative and natural mode of treatment of multiple sclerosis and other brain disorders as well.

Divya MahavattaVidhvamsana Rasa

It nourishes the brain and the cells of the spinal cord so that deposition of sclerotic plaques on the nerve cells is prevented. It offers a safe and effective treatment option for those who suffer from multiple sclerosis and other brain disorders.

Divya Ekangveer Rasa

It helps in boosting the energy and also the immunity of the body in a natural way. It offers great relief from the signs and symptoms of multiple sclerosis and especially the pain in the body and other physical challenges.

Divya Giloy sat

This herbal is one of the most excellent treatment options for multiple sclerosis. It helps in increasing the energy as well as immunity of the body in a natural way. It energizes various body parts and organs so that any difficulties or complications in the limbs or other body parts may be prevented.

Divya Ashwagandha churna

The nutrients and herbs present in this herbal formula help in nourishing the cells of the brain and the spinal cord for their proper functioning. It also helps in providing effective relief from the signs and symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

Divya Brihad Vata Chintamani Rasa

It energizes the nerve cells and also saves them from further damage. It is a completely natural and safe mode of treatment of brain disorders including multiple sclerosis. It relieves signs and symptoms of almost all brain disorders.

Divya Pvala Pisht

It helps in prevention of the signs and symptoms of multiple sclerosis by correcting all the functions associated with the brain and the spinal cord.  It provides apt nutrition to the brain cells and also those associated with the spinal cord.

All these herbal remedies prove to be quite effective in the treatment and prevention of the problems associated with multiple sclerosis. At the same time, these prove to be completely safe for the health of the brain as well as physical aspect of human body.

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