Health Pack For Leucoderma

Health Pack For Leucoderma

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Also known as Vitiligo in medical science, leucoderma is a disease or disorder of the skin. Under this condition, the skin undergoes de-pigmentation or change in color of the skin. It is caused due to decrease in the production of pigment known as melanin in the skin. It is to be noted that melanin is a skin pigment which is responsible for imparting natural color to the skin. It is secreted by the cells which are present in the skin. These cells are called as melanocytes. Due to reduction in the production of this pigment, the skin starts to lose its natural color and hence the condition called as leucoderma arises. There may be small patches of the discolored skin or these may slowly get converted into bigger patches. The skin may get de-pigmented in any part of the body.  Also it may occur in men as well as women. There are no restrictions of age as well. It may be found in children, youngsters, adults and even in elderly. 

Causative factors for Leucoderma

There are multiple factors for occurrence of leucoderma. These may vary from person to person.

Inflammatory conditions of the skin

Deficiency of calcium in the body

Chronic liver infections or worm infestations

Chronic gastric disorders

Wearing of tight clothes which leads to less or improper supply of oxygen to the skin cells

Performance of physical exercises immediately after having foods

Use of stickers or tattoos on the skin

Mental states such as stress, tension, worry and depression

Low body immunity as a result of malnutrition

Major symptoms of Leucoderma

Leucoderma is characterized by the presence of various physical symptoms as mentioned below.

Loss of hair

Sensitivity towards cold

Expansion of the discolored patches of the skin to other parts of the body

Hairs turn white in color

Premature graying of hairs

Mood swings

Attacks of anxiety and depression

Herbal remedies for Leucoderma

As far as treatment of leucoderma is concerned, herbal remedies prove to be the best option. It is because herbal remedies help in prevention of the spreading of the skin condition from one part of the body to the other apart from treating it properly. Also herbal remedies are quite safe for the skin as these are completely organic in nature and hence free from any side-effects on the body and the vital organs. Herbal remedies help in boosting immunity of the body to prevent further occurrence of the problem by nourishing the skin cells. This in turn promotes overall good health of the skin.  The effective and commonly used herbal remedies for treatment of skin problems are as mentioned below.

Divya amrta/Gilloy sattva/Gulvel sattva

It is very useful and beneficial as far as treatment and prevention of leucoderma is concerned. It stimulates melanocytes to produce of melanin so that discoloration of the skin may be prevented.

Divya sudha bavaci churna

It is very useful for such skin problems which are caused as a result of other disorders in the various systems of the body including leucoderma. It helps in helpful in treatment and prevention of disorders associated with the digestive system and the liver so that skin problems caused due to these problems may be treated and prevented.

Divya svitraghna lepa

It treats the problem of leucoderma or vitiligo very effectively. It nourishes the skin cells so as to get rid of all the symptoms of this skin condition. At the same it is free from any side-effects or harmful effects on the body or the skin.

Divya kayak alp vati

It is apt for almost all types of skin problems. It nourishes the skin well and hence promotes its good health in a natural way. It stimulates production of melanin by the melanocytes so that discoloration of the skin may be prevented. It helps in retaining the normal color of the skin.       

Effective home remedies to get rid of Leucoderma

Herbal remedies are required to treat leucoderma or vitiligo but some effective home remedies may also be used to get rid of the symptoms associated with it. These home remedies also help in improving body’s immunity in a natural way so that any infections or other skin problems may be prevented.

·       Prepare a paste of powdered walnuts and water. Apply this paste on the affected areas of the skin 3-4 times on daily basis. Let the paste remain on your skin for around 10-15 minutes followed by washing with normal water.

·       Use juice of goose fruit and apply it on the discolored areas of your skin so as to have effective results.

·       Mix clay and ginger juice in equal proportions and apply the same on the affected areas of your skin. It helps in reducing the white patches on the skin and also regains its normal color. 

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