Health Pack For Hernia (Antra-Vrddhi)

Health Pack For Hernia (Antra-Vrddhi)

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Hernia (Antra-Vrddhi)

Hernia is a disease or disorder associated with the abdomen. Under this condition, the inner organs are pushed out of the abdominal walls due to weakness of the lining of the abdomen. A strong layer of lining surrounds and protects the abdomen. When any part or area of this lining becomes weak then the inner organs comes out of it which in turn leads to the problem of hernia. Depending upon the location of the weakness of the abdominal wall, hernia is divided into various types and named accordingly.

When hernia is present in the upper part of the thigh then this condition is called as femoral hernia. Hiatal hernia refers to the presence of hernia in the upper part of the stomach. Umbilical hernia is present around the navel while inguinal hernia is present in the groin. When hernia occurs due to a cut which is left in the abdominal area due to performance of surgery, then it is called as incisional hernia.

Although hernia is mostly treated and removed with the help of surgery in conventional medicine system however there are always chances of recurrence of the hernia. That is why most of the patients who are treated for hernia are advised to take some precautionary measures so that its further occurrence may be prevented.

Major reasons for occurrence of hernia 

Hernia may be caused due to multiple reasons in different types of people. Common reasons for its occurrence in majority of people include-

·       Weakness of the abdominal wall

·       Constant coughing

·       Obesity and excessive weight

·       Pregnancy

·       Genetic factors

·       Chronic constipation

·       Newborn babies have extensions of internal organ of the abdomen at the time of birth

·       Lifting of heavy objects or weight

·       Ascitis

·       Lack of proper nutrients in the diet

What are the major symptoms of hernia?

Symptoms of hernia are such that they are not easily noticeable by the sufferer. Common symptoms that accompany this condition are as mentioned below.

Pain over a small area of the abdomen

Severity of the pain during exercises or physical activity

Bulging out of some growths from the abdomen upon lifting of heavy objects

Chronic cough

Herbal cure for hernia

In most cases, surgery is performed to treat and remove hernia. But it is not considered to be an apt solution to this problem. It is because chances of recurrence of hernia are always there even after performing surgery. It is because the weakness of the abdominal wall may again result in this condition. Therefore it is best to use such mode of treatment which offers long lasting and permanent relief from this problem.  This task is well-achieved with the help of herbal remedies or cures. It is because these remedies aim at curing the condition from its root cause and that too without causing any side-effects or health hazards on the overall body of the concerned person. Multiple herbal remedies are there which may be used under the supervision and guidance of experts so that this problem may be cured well.

Divya Kanchanara gugglu

It is very beneficial in case of treatment of hernia as well as any type of unnecessary growths found in the other parts of the body. It improves immunity of the body naturally to protect body against various infectious diseases.

Divya Trikutu curna

It aims at making the abdominal muscles and wall strong to treat and prevent hernia completely. Other abdominal problems are also relieved and treated with the help of this herbal formula quite effectively.

Divya Godanti bhasma

It is helpful in treatment of hernia and other abdominal disorders such as constipation. It prevents any type of unnecessary growths in the abdomen.

Divya Virrdhivatika vati

It helps in treating the problem of weakness of abdominal muscles and walls. Regular use of this herbal formula helps in complete prevention of the hernia in future. It also helps in energizing the body and promotes overall health. 

Divya Pravala pisti

It is again beneficial as far as treatment of weakness of abdominal muscles and walls is concerned.  It relieves various symptoms of hernia. It prevents constipation and also straining during stools. It also boosts natural immunity of the body thereby making it capable to fight against various infectious diseases as well as other disorders.

Divya sarva-kalpa kvatha

It may be considered to be a perfect tonic for the entire body and especially the muscles and walls of abdomen. It prevents bulging out the organs of the abdomen by making the abdominal wall and muscles quite strong.  It is completely safe for the health of the concerned person as it is organic or herbal in nature.

Almost all the herbal cures or remedies mentioned above are completely safe and equally effective for treatment and prevention of hernia. These are even helpful in prevention of the surgery for this problem.  

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