Health Pack for Fibroid uterus

Health Pack for Fibroid uterus

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Fibroid uterus

Fibroid uterus is a disorder associated with the uterus of females. Under this condition, cancerous growths start arising from the epithelial lining of the uterus. Fibroids, is in fact the name given to the cancerous growths, that occur in the uterus. The size of fibroids may vary. These may be small, medium or large. There may be presence of single fibroid or multiple fibroids in the uterus. Presence of fibroids may cause problems in the menstrual cycles of females. It may even lead to infertility in women. Therefore it is very important to cure fibroid uterus so that any other complications related to the menstrual cycles and infertility may be avoided or prevented.

Major reasons for occurrence of Fibroid uterus in females

Multiple reasons or causes are responsible for fibroid uterus. These may vary from one female to the other.

Imbalance of chief sexual hormones called as progesterone and estrogen in females during pregnancy and menopause

Genetic factors or family history of the problem

Obesity or excessive weight

Symptoms associated with fibroid uterus

Although symptoms of fibroid uterus may not be recognizable at an early stage of life however still there are some common signs which may be taken into consideration to diagnose this problem in females.

Back pain and pain in legs


Prolonged and heavy bleeding

Anemia due to discharge of heavy blood clots

Sensation of bearing down which force women to cross legs

Severe pain in the pelvic region

Intolerable pressure in the pelvic region

Heavy pressure on the bladder and frequent urge for urination

Severe pain during sexual activity

Increase in the size of abdomen similar to pregnancy

Herbal remedies or treatment options for Fibroid uterus 

Various treatment options are available in the medical science for treatment of this health condition which is commonly found in women. But it is very important to use the best, most effective and the safest remedy so that the problem may be cured completely. For this, women may prefer using herbal remedies.

Divya Stri Rasayan vati

It is one of the most excellent herbal formulas which are beneficial and effective as far as treatment of genital problems in females or women is concerned. It nourishes the uterus so that it may function properly. It is also helpful in bringing about balance amid sexual hormones as well as regulation of menstrual cycles. This in turn prevents any problems in the reproduction process.

Divya Kaharava pisti

It is again a natural formula which helps in treatment of uterine fibroid. It also offers effective and fast relief from any problems in the menstrual cycles. It even prevents the problem of prolonged bleeding or discharge of heavy blood clots.

Divya Sila sindura

It is again beneficial in balancing the chief sex hormones in females. It also provides fast and effective relief from various symptoms of this health condition.

Divya Amrita Sattva

It is completely a natural mode of treatment of fibroid uterus. It is because it helps in treatment of fibroid uterus by dissolving the same but without the fear of any side-effects. It also alleviates the discomfort and symptoms associated with this health problem.

Divya mukta/moti pisti

It is such an herbal formula which is apt in the treatment   and prevention of the different types of female problems. It nourishes the uterus so that it may keep on functioning normally without experiencing any abnormalities.

Divya Vriddhivadhika vati

It is again a wonderful herbal formula for treatment of fibroid uterus. It provides complete nutrition to the uterus so that any abnormalities or malfunctions associated with it may be prevented naturally and automatically. It relieves back pain and pain in the legs.   

Divya Knachnara Guggulu

It is a natural treatment method or option for fibroid uterus and the problems caused in the menstrual cycles due to it. It also offers relief from problems experienced by women during reproduction caused due to fibroid uterus.

Divya Sphatika bhasma

It is again helpful in treatment and prevention of pain in the back and legs. It is one of the most excellent herbal remedies which offer effective and safe relief from this problem in the best manner possible.

Suggestible Home remedies for uterine fibroid

It is necessary to take medicines or other treatments for fibroid uterus but some home remedies may also be used to treat this problem. These home remedies help in reducing the size of uterus as well as offer relief from signs and symptoms associated with it. 

Women suffering from fibroid uterus must avoid eating dairy products as these aggravate the symptoms associated with this problem.

Red meat and beef should also be avoided in this condition.

Women should incorporate more fruits and vegetables in their diet to promote good health of all body parts and organs. It also balances the hormones in the body of females.

Soy is also a good home remedy for fibroid uterus. It helps in prevention of the formation of uterus. At the same time, it also balances the sex hormones while relieving various signs and symptoms of this problem.


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