Health Pack For Epilepsy

Health Pack For Epilepsy

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Epilepsy is a disorder related to the brain due to which a person suffers from recurrent seizures. It is mainly a malfunction of the brain under which the electrical impulses which are produced in the neurons of the brain get disrupted.  It is worth noting that neurons refer to the brain cells which are mainly responsible for all functions of the brain as these help in transmittance of messages, information, nutrients etc. to and fro from brain to the body and vice versa. When neurons don’t work properly then the concerned person is bound to suffer from attacks, fits or seizures.

Epilepsy may occur in any person irrelevant of age or sex. Due to this condition, the physical and personal life of a person is also affected to great extent. It is because epileptic attack may occur at any time. That is the reason people suffering from this problem are advised to accompany someone when going out and are also instructed not to drive any vehicle.

The seizures which occur due to epilepsy are focal seizures and generalized seizures. The first types of seizures are characterized by occurrence of the epileptic attack in some parts of the body only whereas generalized seizures involve attack on the entire body. Therefore it is very important to take care of such a person. It is also recommended to have proper treatment and medications for this problem otherwise it may even prove to be life-threatening for a person.

What causes epilepsy?

Epilepsy may be caused due to various factors. These factors are divisible into two categories. These are symptomatic factors and idiopathic factors.

Causes of symptomatic epilepsy or seizures

·       Infection in the layers of the brain which is called as meningitis

·       Stroke triggered by varying factors

·       Injury to the head

·       Tumor of the brain

Causes of Idiopathic epilepsy or seizures

Generally there is no known cause for epilepsy under this type.  It may be caused due to genetic factors such as family history of the disease.

Alterations in genes of a person are also responsible for epileptic attacks.

What are the main Symptoms of epilepsy?

Although epilepsy is mainly signalled by the recurring seizures however there are some other symptoms as well which may be checked and confirmed in a person for diagnosis of epileptic attack.

Fainting and loss of balance

Shivering of the limbs even in the absence of any fevers in the body

Complete black out before the eyes which gives rise to confusion

Stiffness in some parts of the body or the entire body

Weakness of the limbs

Feeling of extreme exhaustion

Lack of response to the current situations for sometime

Jerky movements in the hands and the legs

Frothing from the mouth

Herbal remedies for Epilepsy

Herbal medicines work wonders as far as complete treatment and prevention of epileptic attacks is concerned. Also these remedies are quite safe as these are herbal or organic in nature.

Divya medha vati

It helps in providing relief from the signs and symptoms of epileptic attacks. It is even beneficial for other disorders associated with the brain. It is good for children as well because they can improve their memory and concentration power with the help of this wonderful herbal formula. 

Divya amrita sattva

It is one of the most excellent treatment options for seizures or epilepsy. It is beneficial in providing relief from this brain disorder and the associated symptoms. It relieves stiffness in the body and also provides strength to the muscles and the entire body so that   the concerned person may not lose his/her balance.

Divya medha kwatha

Known for its efficiency and safety in the treatment of brain disorders including epilepsy, it helps in prevention of epileptic attacks by normalizing the functions of the brain and its cells. It is also helpful in increasing memory and concentration. It also allows a person to communicate easily with others.

Divya kapardakka bhasma

It is equally beneficial for different types of seizures from which a person may suffer due to epileptic state of mind. It also prevents recurrence of these attacks while providing relief from its signs and symptoms.

Divya pravala pisti

It helps in normalizing and maximizing the supply of oxygen to the brain cells which in turn prevents frequent attacks of epilepsy. It is considered to be a wonderful treatment option for epilepsy and the symptoms associated with it. It normalizes all brain functions in an efficient and safe manner.  

Divya mukta/moti pisti

It is again a beneficial and effective herbal remedy which is being used for treatment and prevention of brain disorders since a long time. It nourishes the brain cells and hence provides quick relief from the symptoms associated with seizures.

It is quite important that an epileptic person should get treated completely so that any threat to his/her life due to loss of senses or physical functions may be prevented.

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