Health Pack For Depression

Health Pack For Depression

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Depression is a mental state or mental illness which makes a person feel sad and unhappy. The depressed person remains in a state of confusion and loses all interest in his life and the routine activities. Even sometimes, the condition becomes so worse that suicidal thoughts start coming to the mind of concerned person. Depression has an adverse effect on the physical as well as mental health of a person. People around the depressed person are also affected to great extent due to such mental state. The depressed person doesn’t wish to get involved with anyone or talk to anyone. He/she just wishes to be all alone. Even the emotional aspect of the depressed person is affected negatively.

The state of depression may affect anyone irrelevant of age and gender. Some people recover from this condition in a short span of time while some others have to bear its severe consequences. It is because they don’t get relieved of the depressed state of mind very easily. But at the same time, it is also true that depression may even prove to be life-threatening for a person therefore it is very important to get rid of it well-in-time to ensure safety of life of the concerned person.

What are the causes of depression?

Depression may be caused due to numbers of triggering factors. It depends upon individual physical and mental in-built as well as emotional life of a person. Also there are various factors in the life of a person which affect his/her mental state and so are the relevant causes for depression.

·       Genetic factors such as behavior by birth

·       Psychological factors

·       Biochemical imbalance in the body

·       Some bad personal experiences such as death of a dear one

·       Prolonged illness

·       Low level of Vitamin B12 and folate in the body

What are the common and major symptoms of depression?

Although there are no definite or uniform symptoms of depression which are defined in the medical world however some common signs that indicate towards depressed state of mind are as follows.

-      Constant feeling of sadness, unhappiness, nervousness and anxiousness

-      Negative thinking and negative feelings

-      Loss of interest in life and routine activities

-      State of hopelessness, restlessness, exhaustion, weakness and tiredness

-      Sudden fits of anger, crying or laughing

-      Irritable behavior and headache

-      Digestive problems, change in eating habits

-      Loss of sleep and concentration and state of indecisiveness

Herbal remedies for depression

Divya Medha Vati

It enhances supply of oxygen and blood to the brain cells which in turn improves the supply of essential nutrients as well. As a result, patient is relieved of the symptoms of depression to considerable extent.  

Divya Medha Kvatha

It helps in calming down the aggravated state of mind and offers relief from negative state of mind such as sadness, unhappiness and grief. It normalizes the state of mind of the depressed person thereby making him completely healthy physically and mentally.

Divya Godanti Bhasm

It is another wonderful herbal formula which offers fast and effective relief from various signs and symptoms of depression. It is also good in improving concentration and memory. It serves as an excellent tonic for mind.

Divya Moti Pisti

It is a natural remedy that helps depressed people to get recovered from this condition quickly. It helps in bringing them back to their normal state of mind so that they may be relieved of negative feelings and emotions.

Divya Pravala Pisti

It nourishes the brain and all its parts in an efficient manner so that they may keep on performing their respective functions well. It offers effective relief from anger, sadness, anxiety, nervousness and such other states of mind during the phase of depression.

Treatment of Depression with home remedies

Like other physical and mental problems, depression may also be treated and its symptoms may be relieved with the help of some safe but effective home remedies.

Healthy diet which is rich in all the nutrients is very essential to get rid of depressed state of mind. It is because lack of certain nutrients in the diet is one of the major reasons for depression. Therefore, one must stick to healthy diet and healthy eating habits to prevent the occurrence of depression.

Have chocolates if you feel depressed as these help in improving your mood.

Have proper rest and sleep as these are beneficial to great extent as far as treatment and prevention of depression is concerned.

Enjoy your life fully well and have positive attitude towards it and towards everything around you. Have some time for fun, recreation and enjoyment too so that you may feel refreshed physically and mentally.

Drink lots of water as it also helps in releasing stress and depression from the mind.

Exercise regularly to stay fit physically as well as mentally. Morning walk is best in this regard as it helps in improving oxygen supply to the brain cells which in turn treats depressed state automatically. 

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