Health Pack For Constipation and Detoxification

Health Pack For Constipation and Detoxification

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There are numerous digestive problems which are faced by human beings in day-to-day life and constipation is also one of them. It is a type of gastric disorder under which the sufferer is not able to pass the stools easily. The concerned person finds it difficult to pass the stools. Also the stools are very hard.  Even there may be absence of passing stools due to which the person suffers from stomach problems. Apart from this, numerous other problems also start arising due to accumulation of waste materials in the body. Presence of toxins in the blood stream leads to problems relevant to other vital organs of the body. Although constipation is a common health disorder however people suffering from chronic constipation need to take some curative measures for the same.

What are the causes of constipation?

Constipation may be caused due to multiple causative factors. It may even appear as a result of some other health problems in the body. Common causes which are responsible for causing constipation in general life are mentioned hereunder.

Improper eating habits

Improper meal times

Cancer of the colon

Lack of fiber in the diet

Drinking less water and fluids

Sedentary or inactive lifestyle


Symptoms of constipation

Constipation may be indicated by presence of some symptoms in the body as mentioned below.

Heaviness of the stomach

Pain and swelling in the abdomen

Feeling of uneasiness

Difficulty in passing stools and hard stools

Nausea, vomiting and irritability

Headache, backache, confused state of mind, irritable bowel syndrome

Herbal remedies for constipation

The most common treatment option to get rid of constipation which is mostly opted for by majority of people is use of laxatives. Although laxatives ease the process of passage of stools however these have their own side-effects on the body. Therefore, it is always recommendable to use some safe mode of treatment for constipation. Herbal remedies are suggestible for this digestive disorder as these are completely safe and effective in the long run.

Divya Triphala churna

It is the most commonly and popularly mode of constipation treatment. Presence of three wonderful herbs in this herbal remedy makes it quite effective in the treatment and prevention of constipation. It also relieves the symptoms of constipation very effectively. It soothes down the pain in abdomen which is triggered due to presence of waste materials in the body. It also provides relief from nausea, vomiting and heaviness of the stomach.

Divya Choorna

It is beneficial and recommendable for those who suffer from the problem of chronic constipation as it offers effective relief by removal of waste materials from the body in a natural way. It triggers the process of detoxification of the stomach and the entire body so that the waste materials which are even stuck in the intestines may be removed completely from the body. This in turn promotes its good health. It may even be used on regular basis to keep constipation at a bay.

Divya Udara-Kalpa Churna

It is a wonderful herbal remedy that helps in easy removal of waste materials from the body. It normalizes the movement of stools by softening of their consistency.  It also helps in relieving the symptoms of constipation quite effectively. The herbs present in this herbal remedy are beneficial for overall health of human beings.

These herbal remedies help in complete digestion of foods consumed by the body apart from treatment of constipation. 

How to prevent constipation?

You may take some preventative measures so that occurrence of constipation may be prevented so as to promote good health of the digestive system as well as the entire body.

Drink plenty of water so that waste materials may be removed from the body in a natural way. Drinking 3-4 glasses of water on an empty stomach helps in getting rid of constipation in a natural way.

Carry out physical activities as it helps in normalizing the digestive functions. Exercise regularly to keep your digestive system in normal working condition.

Simple morning and even walks are recommendable as these help in improving blood flow to the entire body including stomach as well which in turn accelerates the process of metabolism. Consequently, problem of constipation is also treated naturally.   

Incorporate high fibrous foods in your diet as it helps in clearing away all the wastes from the body.

Eat lots of fruits and green leafy vegetables regularly as these are helpful in treatment and prevention of constipation.

Vegetable soup is equally beneficial in this case if consumed regularly.

Drink one glass of warm milk each night at bed time as it is a wonderful formula to get rid of constipation.

Say no to processed foods, junk foods and the food items that are rich in Maida.  It is because these foods leads to dryness of the intestine and hence result in constipation.


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