Health Pack For Chronic Headache

Health Pack For Chronic Headache

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Chronic Headache

Although headache is a common problem which is faced by people of all ages and genders however frequent attacks of headache or conditions of severe headache or constant headache requires immediate attention. It is   because such a type of headache may be indicative or symptom of some other health problems. Generally, headache is a condition under which a person feels constant sensation of pain in the entire head or at some particular part of the head.  Headache may be commonly found in such people who suffer from the problem of neck pain as well. It is because nerves of neck are directly linked with brain and any problems in these nerves have a direct effect on the nerves of the brain or head as well. Some people recover from the condition of headache of their own after sometime however those who suffer from chronic headache are badly affected by this problem. They need to take medical care so as to get rid of headache. 

Causes of headache

There are multiple causes of headache depending upon the triggering factors. It is because brain is linked to all the body parts, organs and systems in one way or the other and any problem in physical health of a person directly affects the mental states as well. Some of the common causes of chronic headache are as mentioned below.

*      Fibromyalgia or neck pain

*      Mental stress and tension

*      Weak eyesight

*      Watching TV from short distance

*      Prolonged working on computers

*      Reduced supply of oxygen to the brain cells

*      Lack of sleep and rest

Symptoms that indicate towards chronic headache

The variation of symptoms which are found in different individuals is quite vast. It is because every person has unique physical in-built and health problems due to which the symptoms of chronic headache may also vary.

Throbbing and pulsating sensation in the head which makes a person go mad

Pain in one side of the head- right or left side

Dizziness along with headache

Pain in the neck and shoulder which aggravates the condition of headache

Nausea and vomiting along with headache

Aggravation of the headache upon exposure to sun or by carrying out heavy physical activity

Congestion in the head due to presence of mucus

Sensitivity to light and sound during headache

Pain and redness of the eyes along with headache

Mental states such as anger, irritability and frustration

Herbal remedies for chronic headache

People mostly take pain killers which help in offering instant and fast relief from headache as they just wish to get rid of at any cost. But these medicines are not at all reliable due to the side-effects associated with them. People suffering from chronic headache are advised to use herbal remedies to get rid of this problem. Here are some of the popularly used herbal remedies for chronic headache.

Divya Godanti Bhasma

It is a perfect formula which may be used to treat different types of headaches. It is completely safe and reliable as it has been prepared from the best herbs found in the nature. It is even helpful in improving memory and concentration and hence useful for children as well. 

Divya Moti pisti

It helps in enhancing the blood supply to the brain which in turn offers relief from headache as the supply of oxygen is also increased. It is an amazing formula to get rid of chronic headache.  

Divya Medha Kvatha

It nourishes the brain cells which in turn keeps it protected against attacks of headache. It may even be used regularly to get rid of headache.

Divya Pravala Pisti

It is useful in treatment headaches of varying nature. It is especially beneficial for children who suffer from recurrent attacks of headache. It is even usable in the long run.  

Divya Medha Vati

It helps in controlling pain in the head in an efficient manner. It is best herbal medicine for those who suffer from headache more often.

Preventative measures for chronic headache

Have proper rest and sleep as it is very much necessary to keep brain cells fresh and rejuvenated. Also it helps in normalizing the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. 

Incorporate all the nutrients in your diet so that the brain gets apt nutrition for its proper working. It helps in prevention of headache as well which may be caused due to deficiency of some nutrient in diet.

Smoking and alcohol must be avoided as these lead to production of toxins in the body and also decrease the supply of oxygen to the brain.

Exercise regularly as it helps in enhancing blood supply to the brain cells. Yoga and meditation are best in this regard.

Take short breaks while working on computers.

Watch TV from some distance to avoid headaches.  

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