Health Pack for Arthritis / Joint / Knee

Health Pack for Arthritis / Joint / Knee

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Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder which is mostly found in people with weak immunity. Under this condition, the cells of the body start acting against its own defence mechanism thereby giving rise to the condition called as arthritis. It is related to the joints, bones and muscles. In this condition, the patient suffers from pain, inflammation and swelling in the joints. Even there is redness on the affected joints which is accompanied by immobility of the limbs associated with the particular joint. The routine activities of the person suffering from arthritis are affected badly as decrease in the extent of movement of joints halts all the physical activities. The patient also complains of stiffness of the joints which aggravates the condition further.  This condition is commonly called joint pain or knee pain as it is mostly associated with the joints of the body.

What are the possible causes of arthritis?

Although there are no definite known causes of arthritis however it is believed to be caused by weakness of the muscles and joints, genetic factors, weak immunity etc.

What symptoms indicate towards arthritis?

Arthritis in a person may be confirmed by looking at some specific symptoms. Although these symptoms are mostly present in all the patients suffering from this physical condition however it is always advisable to have this problem diagnosed from an expert to be dead sure about its occurrence in the body.

Pain and swelling in the joints

Pain worsens upon walking or during routine activities

Stiffness of the joints

Redness of the joints

Immobility of the joints

Fever and chills in the entire body

Restlessness of the limbs

Constant pain the muscles of back

A constant feeling of discomfort in the limbs and the joints

Herbal remedies or natural remedies for arthritis or joint pains

Although there is variety of treatment options or medicines available in the medical world however these lead to some side-effects on the vital organs of the body. Herbal remedies prove to be quite safe and reliable in this regard. These offer permanent and long lasting relief from the condition of arthritis. Most effective herbal remedies for arthritis are as mentioned below.

Divya Swarnmaksika Bhasma

It is a very good and effective formula for the problem of joint pains. It alleviates the pain and inflammation in the joints. Also it nourishes the joints and muscles thereby allowing maximum functioning of the same.

Divya Mahavat Vidhwamnsan Rasa

It helps in providing great relief from the symptoms of arthritis such as fever, pain, inflammation, stiffness and redness of the joints. It soothes down the pain and restlessness of the joints and limbs.

Divya Peedantak Kvath

It is another effective herbal remedy for joint pains. It helps in relieving pain and inflammation from the joints thereby making a person to carry out routine activities quite efficiently.

Divya Chandraprabha vati

This herbal remedy is known for its beneficial effect on the immune system. It helps in reducing pain and swelling of the joints. At the same time, it also optimizes functions of the joints by nourishing them properly. 

Divya Praval Pishti

It is an effective herbal formula which is being used from times unknown to get rid of problems associated with joints and muscles including arthritis in a natural and safe manner.

Divya Yograj guggulu

It is one of those herbal remedies which offer relief from pain, inflammation, stiffness and swelling of the joints. It is a safe formula which may be used on daily basis.

Effective home remedies for arthritis

Although arthritis is an auto-immune disorder however it may still be relieved and treated by using some effective and most commonly used home remedies as mentioned below.

Eating raw ginger or by using the same in cooking dishes or vegetables helps in soothing down the inflammation caused due to arthritis. Even ginger tea is equally efficient in this task. It helps in boosting up immunity of the body in a natural way which in turn provides great relief from its symptoms.

Similarly, garlic may be consumed on an empty stomach in the morning to get relieved of joint pains and inflammation. Application of garlic paste over the affected joints is also helpful in offering instant relief from pain and swelling of the joints.


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