Health Pack For AMA (Detox)

Health Pack For AMA (Detox)

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AMA (Detox)

Like eating foods and other consumable things is essential for the body similarly, detoxification or removal of waste materials is equally essential for it. It is because if toxins or waste materials keep on accumulating in the body then it may lead to serious health complications. Presence of toxins in the body interferes with the normal working of all the parts, organs and systems of the body which in turn leads to serious health complications.

Although detoxification is a natural process of the body which is carried out in a natural way however it is sometimes halted or completely obstructed due to some internal problems or improper working of the internal organs or systems of the body. This in turn starts giving rise to numerous health problems mainly those associated with the digested system of the body. It is equally harmful for kidneys, liver, reproductive system and nervous system. People who suffer from problems in detoxification start showing some symptoms of the same. First we will discuss about the causes of detox which is also called as AMA in medical science.

Causes of AMA or Detox

This condition is mainly caused due to improper working of the digestive system, kidneys and liver. It is because any malfunctioning of any of these systems leads to accumulation in the body. Even low level of natural immunity of the body is also responsible for problems in detoxification. 

Symptoms of detox or AMA

Due to problems in the detoxification process, the accumulation of toxic substances in the blood starts arising which is indicated by the presence of some symptoms in the body.

Abdominal pain, diarrhoea, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, constipation

Frequently occurring headaches, tiredness and feeling of exhaustion

Mental stress and feeling of distress

Skin problems such as urticaria, itching and redness of the skin, appearance of pimples and acne in youngsters

Severe body aches, feverish feeling, chills, cough and cold

Herbal or natural remedies for AMA or Detox

Divya Chitrakadi vati

It is a wonderful natural remedy which helps in getting rid of the signs and symptoms of toxicity in the blood. It stimulates production of pure blood cells due to nourishment provided to it.

Divya kapardaka bhasma

It is an amazing herbal formula which supplies a natural cleaning agent to the body which helps in detoxification of the blood and the entire body. It also helps in getting rid of skin problems and the associated symptoms which are caused due to toxicity of the blood.

Divya gashar churna

It proves to be one of the best herbal formulas which aids in removal of waste materials and toxins from the blood and the body in a completely safe manner. It helps in complete purification of the blood.  

Divya Sankha bhasma

It is a perfect formula for those who suffer from toxicity of the blood as it aids in removal of waste materials from the blood and the body. It helps in stimulation of removal of waste materials from the body. This herbal formula is also helpful in establishing a balance amid the acid and base in the body. It also helps in correction of various digestive disturbances caused in the digestive system.

Divya bilvadi churna

This herbal formula is recognized for its positive action on various parts, organs and systems of the body. The liver and other parts and organs of the body are triggered to excrete waste materials in a natural way with the help of this naturally occurring cleansing agent.

Divya Mukta Sukti bhasma

It is such a safe and reliable herbal formula which may be used in routine so as to keep the detoxification of the body going on in a natural way. It helps in complete detoxification of the body which in turn promotes its good health in a natural way.

Divya Kutajaghana vati

It is a very effective herbal formula which is being used from times unknown so as to get rid of waste materials from the body in an efficient manner. It keeps purity of the blood intact and is also found to be beneficial in case of constipation and diarrhea.

Preventative measures for detox or AMA

*      You must incorporate fresh fruits, vegetables and other foods rich in fibre in your diet. It helps in removal of waste materials from the body.   

*      Drink plenty of water as it helps in prevention of accumulation of wastes or toxins in the body.

*      Exercise regularly as it is a good way to keep all systems in proper working order thereby prevents toxicity of the blood. 

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