Haridara khanda (Pack of 2)

Haridara khanda (Pack of 2)

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Haridara Khanda

Also known as Haridra Khandam or Haridra Khand; Haridara Khanda is an ayurvedic medicine that is meant to treat skin problems and allergies. It is a great source of energy for the brain, immunity and the whole physique. As compared to the conventional types of medicines; Haridara Khanda is not harmful in any manner as it does not contain any damaging component. It is in granules form and gives sweet taste.

Ingredients - Facilitated by Sri Sri Ayurveda, the centre for medicines and ayurvedic knowledge in Bangalore; Haridara Khanda is a unique gift for the people. It contains the following ingredients –

  • Turmeric - The major ingredient is turmeric that is useful for treatment of allergies.

  • Cow Ghee – It is used to process the turmeric.
  • Sugar candy – It is also used for processing the turmeric.
  • Milk
  • Other ingredients that are used for preparation of Haridara Khanda include pepper, ginger, embelia ribes, operculina turpethum, amla, vibhitaki, haritaki, mesua ferrea, cyperus rotundus and lauha bhasma.

Benefits –

  • Allergies – People suffering from allergies are advised to take this medicine on regular basis. With turmeric as the major constituent of this wonderful medicine; Haridara Khanda is the best remedy for allergies. Its regular use enables the patients to say NO to this problem that sometimes results in complications if not cared for.

  • Skin Disorders – Haridara Khanda is a good source of energy for the human skin. It gives shining looks to the skin by rejuvenating and revitalizing it. People that take it are able to get rid of wrinkles on the skin. It is a tonic for the health that prevents premature aging. Even the older people look younger by using it. It helps the people to save their skin from itching, rashes, boils and other adverse effects. Haridara Khanda is much helpful to improve the quality of the skin by removing any toxins. Taking this medicine in even manners is useful for improving the complexion. It is much helpful to get rid of skin infections and fungus that are responsible for skin diseases. Allergic skin conditions can also be prevented with its regular use. Disorders of the skin because of contact with cold objects are also controlled with its use.
  • Strengthens the immune system - Haridara Khanda is a good source of energy for the immunity. People that take it are able to fight the diseases with vigor. It facilitates resistance.
  • Source of power – The human physique is energized with this medicine that is a source of nutrients for the muscles and other parts of the body. It is useful for the brain and heart too.
  • Blood - Haridara Khanda acts as a blood purifier. Toxins are removed with its use. It improves the circulation of blood that flows easily to all parts of the body.

Dosage – Take it with warm milk or honey. Recommended dose is three to six Gms once or twice a day. It should be taken before or after meals.

Precautions – Lower dosages are recommended during lactation period. Pregnant ladies should either avoid or take it under the doctor’s advice.


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