Hairzone (Pack of 2)

Hairzone (Pack of 2)

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Get rid of hair problems with Hairzone

Healthy, shining, black and properly grown hairs directly indicate overall good health of a person. Unfortunately, not all people are blessed with this great gift of nature. Like all other parts or organs of body suffer from various problems, same is true for hairs as well. Hairs also undergo wear and tear and unlimited hair-loss or hair-fall problems. It may be due to internal body conditions or external factors which are responsible for various hair-problems. Insufficient supply of nutrients to the scalp, improper diet, wrong lifestyle  and feeding habits plus exposure to dust, sunlight or extreme weather conditions all become causative factors for hair problems.

Not only hair-problems but problems associated with scalp such as itching, dandruff etc. are also a part of these problems.  Some physical conditions or diseases such as cancer are also responsible for the problem of hair-fall. Any problem relevant to hairs or scalp directly indicates that there is something wrong with the physical system of the body or proper care is not taken to keep hairs in healthy condition. Hair problems may be solved with the help of Hairzone provided by Himalaya herbals. It is a great product that helps in combating various hair problems.

Chief ingredients contained in Hair Zone

Only organic or natural ingredients have been used to prepare Hairzone to make it free from any risks or side-effects.

Palashabheda- Its botanical name is Butea parviflora and is rich in antimicrobial properties. It helps in removing foreign elements such as viruses, bacteria and fungi from the scalp to solve hair problems.

Palasha- Known as Butea monosperma in botany, it is a strong natural astringent which helps in providing relief from minor irritations on the skin of the scalp which may be caused due to scalp fungal infections. It limits the relapse of the hair follicles thereby promoting an extended hair growth phase, also known as anagen phase. Rich in anti-oxidant properties and strong free-radical scavenging properties as well, it helps in prevention of hair fall.

How does Hairzone acts on the hairs?

Relief from symptoms of problems associated with scalp- The antimicrobial and astringent properties contained in the ingredients used to prepare hairzone help in providing relief from the most common symptom associated with scalp problems i.e. hair fall. The said properties help in controlling infections caused by viruses, fungi or bacteria on the scalp and relieve it of dryness, itchiness and hair fall.

Prevents hair-loss- Hairzone helps in prevention and stoppage of hair loss by preventing deterioration of follicles. At the same time, it also induces healthy growth of hairs. Besides, it induces various factors responsible for proper hair growth.   These are hair follicle count, tensile strength of hairs and density of hair follicles. Besides, it also stops or restrains the dystrophic changes in the advancing follicles and early falling off of the hair follicles which have been rigorously destroyed as a result of chemotherapy.

Prevention of hair loss caused due to varying factors- Hairzone helps in prevention of hair loss caused due to numbers of factors including radiotherapy, use of certain drugs, dry or itchy scalp, temporary hair loss during resting and growth phase of hair growth cycle.

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