Hadjod (Pack of 2)

Hadjod (Pack of 2)

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Increase bone strength with Hadjod capsules from Himalaya

Bones and muscles are the structural units of body. These also help body in execution of various tasks. Since most of the pressures or shocks are absorbed by the bones therefore these undergo maximum wear and tear. Also these are prone to fractures due to some injuries or other similar accidents.  Any damage or defect in the bones or muscles interferes with the working mechanism of the associated part or organ of body. To ensure proper working of all parts of body, proper care of bones is quite most important.  Healing up of injuries to the bones is equally important. Hadjod capsules presented by the Himalaya Herbals are found to be effective in this regard. These are prepared from natural ingredients and hence safe to be used by anyone who suffers from problems relevant to bones. 

The meaning of Hadjod in Indian language is basically ‘a component or something else that unites a broken bone’ and hence its function. It accelerates the healing process of fractured bones. At the same time, it also means protecting bones from destruction.

How are Hadjod capsules prepared?


Hadjod capsules have been chiefly prepared from the herb with the same name i.e. Hadjod. The stem of this herb is used to prepare these capsules. This herb is also known as Cissus quadrangularis and is rich in steroids, triterpenoids, lipids, stilbenes and flavonoids. Additionally, it is rich in some other components as well such as β-sitosterol, calcium, triterpenoids and quadrangularins A, B and C. All these help in rapid regeneration of connective tissues surrounding the fractured bones.

Advantages of using Hadjod capsules

Relief from pain and inflammation- Hadjod capsules help in providing quick and instant relief from pain and inflammation caused due to fractures.

Paces up the healing process- Hadjod capsules are quite efficient in enhancing the speed of healing of fractured bones. It is due to onset of ossification i.e. bone formation process stimulated by this product.  At the same time, it also reinforces the tensile strength of bones. This in turn helps in pacing up the process of healing of fractured bones.


Enhancement in bone mineral density- Due to triggering of the process of bone metabolism and enhancement in the consumption of minerals including strontium, phosphorus, calcium and sulfur by the bone forming cells also known as osteoblasts, the mineral density of bones is increased. This in turn helps in prevention of fractures caused due to osteoporosis.

Anti-microbial for bones- Hadjod also acts as an antimicrobial for the bones and prevents any infection or its risks during the healing up of fractured bones.

Nourishment to the bones- Hadjod capsules make available all the nutrients and minerals required for bone formation and their proper working. This in turn paves the way for healthy bones.

Not only bones, Hadjod capsules are equally effective for other parts and systems of body such as skin, digestive system, reproductive system and respiratory system. In other words, it is a multi-purpose and multi-beneficial product.    


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