Guduchi (Pack of 2)

Guduchi (Pack of 2)

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Boost up your immunity with Guduchi Capsules

A strong immune system is quite important for health of any person. Although immunity develops with advancement in age from childhood to adulthood however some people may not have sufficient immunity to fight against the diseases and hence fall ill more often. On the other hand, some people suffer from the problem of weak immune system due to some deadly diseases such as cancer. Whatever the case may be, you must pay attention to immunity of your body and make efforts to boost it up.

To help people accomplish this task well, Himalaya Herbals has presented a unique formulation named as Guduchi Capsules. It is an ayurvedic rejuvenating tonic which helps in enhancing the efficiency of white blood cells and in turn enhances the immunity of a person automatically. It also helps in increasing the working of macrophages and protective cells and hence develops the resistance of body to fight against infections. It also acts as a diuretic and helps in elimination of urinary stones as well as decreases the blood urea. Guduchi capsules contain multiple properties such as anti-allergic, anti-rheumatic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. These capsules help in reducing or completely inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

Ingredients contained in Guduchi Capsules

Guduchi Capsules have been prepared from the Guduchi herb which is also known as Tinospora cordifolia. It is one of the most effective adaptogens found in ayurveda and normalizes working of the most important system of body i.e. immune system. It helps in maintaining the optimum or maximum level of white blood cells such as macrophages.  This herb is also rich in properties which are known for mental rejuvenation of a person. The herb Guduchi is equally effective in the treatment of various types of fever and dyspepsia.

Other constituents which enhance effectiveness of the stem of Guduchi herb are alkaloids such as berberine and bitter principals. Both these have subtle constituents including chasmanthin, tinosporic acid, columbin, tinosporon, palmarin and tinosporol. Additionally, it is also known for its analgesic properties.

Benefits of using Guduchi Capsules

Boosting up of immunity- It is perhaps the most important and clearly evident effect of using Guduchi capsules. It helps in enhancing the efficiency of protective white blood cells and also aids in building-up of the defense mechanism of body. The growth of bacteria is also inhibited with the use of this product.


Guduchi capsules are even recommendable as an adjuvant for patients who undergo chemotherapy. Due to the phagocytic index found in the liquid extract of Guduchi stem, this product enhances as well as paces up the activity of protective cells. Besides, numerous infections such as those associated with skin, respiratory system and soft tissues may also be well-treated with the help of this product.


Relief from join pain- Guduchi capsules are equally effective in the treatment and prevention of inflammatory conditions relevant to joints. These may include gout, arthritis etc.

Protection to liver- Guduchi capsules may also be used as hepatoprotector. In other words, these help in the treatment and prevention of various liver diseases such as viral hepatitis, medical or chemical poisoning and liver damage which may be caused due to excessive alcohol consumption. This product is even useful in controlling fibrosis and regeneration of liver tissues.     

Acts as a Diuretic- Guduchi is also a good diuretic and helps in the treatment and prevention of urinary tract infections. It also helps in removing urinary stones and treats other disorders associated with urinary tract.


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