Gokshura (Pack of 2)

Gokshura (Pack of 2)

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Gokshura- Perfect solution for urinary problems

Like all other system in our body, urinary system and reproductive system also face multiple problems or undergo numerous problems. Since urinary system is also an important system of body therefore any problems in this system cause problems in other systems of the body. It starts affecting other organs and systems of the body as well. It is because due to problems in urinary tract or system the waste materials from the body don’t get excreted from the body properly and hence lead to numerous problems and even sometimes deadly diseases.

Similarly, inefficiency of the reproductive system or any other problems associated with it disturbs the balance of the entire body. It is because reproductive system is also an important part of body and hence its good health and efficiency matters a lot for the entire system. In this regard, Gokshura capsules by Himalaya Herbals prove to be quite beneficial.  It has been prepared from the pure extract of high quality Gokshura herbs and hence capable of maximizing the efficiency of both urinary and reproductive systems of the body. It is completely herbal in nature and hence safe to be used by anyone suffering from these problems.

Ingredients contained in Gokshura capsules

As already stated, Gokshura capsules have been prepared from Gokshura herb or plant. The major constituents or ingredients of this herb which help in the treatment of problems relevant to urinary and reproductive systems include chlorogenin, 5-diene, sapogenins diosgenin, 25D-spirosta-3, ruscogenin, gitogenin and many more. All these ingredients are produced following hydrolysis of the saponins contained in this plant.

Apart from this, it is also rich in flavonoids such as rutinoside, kaempferol-3-glucoside, kaempferol, tribuloside, rutin and quercetin. All these have been extracted from leaves and fruits of the plant. Additionally, the herb is also rich in harmol, harmane and harmine. All these combined impart therapeutic properties to the plant.

Benefits of Gokshura capsules

The most important and foremost benefit of using Gokshura capsules is that it helps in ensuring good health of the urinary system and reproductive system. It is equally beneficial for good health of skin and proper functioning of circulatory system. At the same time, it also helps in detoxification of body by purifying blood.

Gokshura capsules help in maintaining optimum level of sperm count required for reproduction process. It is done by providing all the nutrients required for proper functioning of the reproductive system. It is equally good for the reproductive systems of both males and females.

Gokshura also helps in maintaining balance amid various hormones of the body. It is done by ensuring that the glandular system is working properly.

Gokshura also helps in building up of muscle mass by having the positive effects of saponins contained in this product in their organic form.

Gokshura helps in maintaining normal flow of urinary tract. It even soothes down the irritation or itching caused in the membranes of urinary tract.

Gokshura capsules also help males in enhancing their sexual desire and hence have a positive effect on their sexual performance.  It is even effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and helps in making the tissues of penis strong. It helps males to achieve hard and strong erections.


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