Divya Giloya Kwath (Pack of 2)

Divya Giloya Kwath (Pack of 2)

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Divya Giloya Kwath

Prepared from the Giloy stem, which is rich in medicinal properties, Divya Giloya Kwath is a great ayurvedic product apt in the treatment of common physical problems.  Cold, cough, fever, malaria, low platelet count, skin infections, chicken guinea and dengue are some of the common problems from which most of us suffer due to seasonal changes or allergies caused due to environmental pollutants. Divya Giloya Kwath is a perfect formula which helps in treatment as well as prevention of further occurrence of these problems due to great medicinal properties contained in it.

Explaining simply, Divya Giloya Kwath is a single solution for multiple disorders. It is a safe and effective mode of treatment. It gives fast results when used as per prescription. It is one of the best natural treatment modes available in the ayurvedic medicine world.

How is Divya Giloya Kwath prepared?

As the name signifies, Divya Giloya Kwath has been prepared from the stem of giloy. It is worth mentioning that this herbal stem is rich in multiple medicinal properties including anti-inflammatory, anti- arthritic, anti-periodic and anti-pyretic. It is also a great blood purifier and hence helps in detoxification of the blood.   

Advantages of using Divya Giloya Kwath

Treatment of common health problems- Divya Giloya Kwath is efficient in fast treatment and recovery from some of the common health problems. These may include cold, cough, fever, skin problems, nausea, vomiting, seminal weakness, gouts, anemia, jaundice, leprosy etc. It is due to multiple medicinal properties contained in this wonderful herbal product.   

Effective and fast relief from skin problems- Divya Giloya Kwath also gives effective and rapid relief from skin problems. You just need to use it with amla and neem and see the results within 1-2 weeks. 

Proper and thorough cleansing of the body- The juice which is obtained from the stem of Giloy and is contained in the Divya Giloya Kwath, helps in proper and complete cleansing of the body from internal as well as external point of view.

Relief from piles- Divya Giloya Kwath may also be used to get rid of piles. It gives best result in this case when it is consumed with butter milk.

Treatment and prevention of malaria- Divya Giloya Kwath also helps in treatment of malaria and other types of common fevers. It even offers protection to the body against further attack of malaria. It must be used with honey to get rid malaria.

Treatment of respiratory problems- Divya Giloya Kwath may be used equally and effectively in the treatment of common respiratory problems.  Even serious respiratory problems such as asthma may also be treated with the help of this kwath.

Treatment and prevention of diabetic attacks- Divya Giloya Kwath helps in keeping the blood glucose level under control. It helps in complete conversion of the glucose into energy so as to prevent any further attacks of diabetes. It also helps in blocking or stopping the advancement of diabetic state to higher levels.

Relief from digestive problems- Divya Giloya Kwath also helps in providing relief from various digestive problems suffered by human body in day-to-day life. It offers complete solution to almost all types of digestive problems. 

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