Geriforte (Pack of 2)

Geriforte (Pack of 2)

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Use Geriforte and feel the difference in your health

Apart from physical ailments or diseases, mental stress is also responsible for various health problems. Mental stress is itself causative factor for so many diseases or disorders found in the body of human beings. Apt treatment as well as prevention of stress is therefore considered to be most important in medical science.  Himalaya Herbals has made available a unique product named as Geriforte which is also known as Stress Care in the US. It helps in treatment and management of all types of stress associated with the mental set-up of a person. Therefore, it helps in rejuvenating the body as well as mind. It is due to anti-stress, antioxidant and adaptogenic properties contained in this natural product.

Key ingredients used in the production of Geriforte

Winter Cherry or Ashwagandha- The anti-oxidant properties contained in this herb help in hunting the free radicals present in cells so as to remove them from body. These cells are considered to be responsible for premature ageing process in many people. Additionally, the further production of these radicals is also prevented or restrained by this herb. Anti-stress and adaptogenic properties found in this herb make it capable of increasing the physiological stamina as well as provide protection against the adverse effects of stress.

Chyavanaprasha-Rich in multiple properties, Chyavanaprasha contains various natural ingredients which help in fighting against the cold, cough and other infections caused by microbes entering into the body. These ingredients include Cinnamon, Indian Gooseberry and Cardamom. The immunity of body is enhanced with the help of these ingredients to ensure overall good health.

Other properties contained in the Chyavanaprasha include anti-ageing, anti-stress and detoxifying properties. These help in ensuring proper working of various systems of body including nervous system, circulatory system and respiratory system. Consequently, body remains in a healthy condition.

How does Geriforte help in ensuring good health?

Revitalization of body- Geriforte acts as a great health tonic which helps in providing complete nourishment to the body cells while ensuring that it remains free from any unwanted elements or waste materials in the body. At the same time, premature ageing process is also delayed with the help of this product.

General health- Geriforte helps in ensuring that a person remains in good health by acting in multiple ways. It helps in reducing stress and fatigue, increases physical fitness, enhances immunity to fight against diseases, controls metabolism so as to ensure proper and complete absorption and assimilation of all foods consumed by the body and helps in quick recovery from prolonged illness.

Treatment and prevention of CFS- Geriforte is apt at the treatment and prevention of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which affects all the organs and parts of body adversely. It is done by enhancing overall efficiency of all organs and parts of body by supplying them essential nutrients for their proper working.

Proper and good health of vital organs of body- Geriforte is beneficial for almost all the organ systems of body including cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It acts in different ways on different organ systems of the body so as to ensure that these keep on working in proper manner.

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