Divya Shatavari Churna

Divya Shatavari Churna

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Divya Shatavari Churna

The physical composition of body of women or females is such that it works in a wonderful manner. On one hand, it is capable of reproducing and making the human generation continue while on other hand it is also bound to suffer from various physical problems. It is due to weakness of physical structure of women as compared to men. At the same time, various physical changes coming in the body of females during various stages of life due to hormonal changes results in multiple health problems. Sometimes, the hormonal and reproductive system of females become so much aggravated or obsessed with health problems that it leads to complete infertility in females. Apart from this, some women my even suffer from such problems as irregularities in menstrual cycles or inability to feed their babies due to insufficient supply of breast milk or its complete absence. 

Baba Ramdev Ji has formulated Divya Shatavari Churna keeping in view all these health issues faced by women. It is capable of dealing with multiple health problems related to women’s health during different stages of life. It is equally beneficial for young women, pregnant women, new mothers and the ladies of middle age who are at the stage of menopause. It helps in supplying all the essential minerals and vitamins required for proper and optimal functions so as to promote good health of the entire body in a natural way.


Shatvar asparagus root is the chief constituent of this herbal formula. Various medicinal properties contained in this root help in treatment and prevention of multiple health issues associated with women’s health.


Divya Shatavari Churna is useful for overall health of women. It is completely safe which may be used by pregnant and nursing mother s well.  

Nourishment to the body- Divya Shatavari Churna supply all the essential vitamins, minerals and other supplements required by the body for good health and normal functions. It is even capable of compensating the deficiency of any nutrients in the women’s body which may be caused due to any reasons.

Infertility treatment-Women who suffer from infertility due to any reasons such as hormonal imbalance, weakness of reproductive organs, lack of sexual desire etc. become capable of reproducing with the help of wonderful herb contained in this herbal remedy.  At the same time, it is completely safe for women’s health in all respects. No side-effects are known to be caused by this herbal formula on any of the organs or parts of women’s body.

Breast milk supply- Women who face the problem of low supply of breast milk or other problems in nursing their babies are also advised to use this wonderful ayurvedic formula. It helps in stimulating the concerned hormones so as to supply sufficient amount of milk and increase its production to feed a baby. 

Important note- Although Divya Shatavari Churn has been completely tested and approved for its safety and efficiency in the treatment and prevention of health problems related to the women or females however it is still advised to use this ayurvedic medicine only under the supervision of medical experts. 

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