Divya Panchakol Choorna

Divya Panchakol Choorna

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Divya Panchakol Choorna

Prepared from a blend of wonderful herbs found in the nature, Divya Panchakol Choorna is efficient in proving quick and effective relief from joint pains. It is an apt remedy for those who suffer from the problem of knee pain or pain in any other joints of the body. It is even efficient in providing relief from chronic pain caused in the joints due to any reason.

Divya Panchakol Choorna also helps in treatment and prevention of some of the causative factors which are responsible for the problem of joint pains. As an instance, it gives fast relief from acidity, gastric problems, indigestion etc. which also become the causative factors for joint pains. Divya Panchakol Choorna is also helpful in soothing down any irritation or itching caused in the joints due to pain.

Herbs used to prepare Divya Panchakol Choorna

As stated above, Divya Panchakol Choorna has been prepared from herbal extracts or natural ingredients only. These include ginger, long pepper (pipli), stem of chavika (piper chava), long pepper (piplimul) and the roots of chitraka (plumbago zeylanica). All these ingredients are mixed in apt quantities to prepare this wonderful remedy for joint pains.

Benefits of using Divya Panchakol Choorna

Fast and efficient relief from arthritis and the relevant symptoms- Divya Panchakol Choorna is one of the most excellent herbal remedies which help in providing quick relief from the problem of arthritis and the symptoms associated with it. It helps in providing quick relief from the pain and inflammation in the joints thus enabling the sufferer to get recovered from painful condition as early as possible.  

Enhances mobility of joints- Divya Panchakol Choorna helps in reducing the stiffness or immobility in the joints. It is due to healing effect of the herbs contained in this wonderful arthritis remedy. Consequently, the mobility of joints is increased to considerable extent. 

Nutrition to the joints- Divya Panchakol Choorna is rich in all the nutrients which are required for proper working of the bones, muscles and other joints of the body.  It helps in compensating the deficiency of nutrients in the muscular system, which may be caused due to any reasons. This in turn promotes good health of bones, muscles and the joints. The attack of diseases or problems associated with muscular system is decreased to significant extent automatically.

Beneficial for elderly and women- Divya Panchakol Choorna is especially beneficial for women and the elderly as it helps in making their bones and muscles strong. As a result, the problems faced by women and elderly in movement are reduced or completely prevented naturally.

No side-effects- Since Divya Panchakol Choorna is a completely herbal formula therefore it can even be taken for long time till the problem gets treated without the fear of any side-effects. It may be taken by anyone without experiencing any harmful effects on the body.

Directions for using Divya Panchakol Choorna

Divya Panchakol Choorna gives maximum results when it is taken on regular basis. It must be taken after the meals with hot water or milk. You may take 2-4 grams of this powder two times in a day. 

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