Divya Kasis Bhasm (Pack of 2)

Divya Kasis Bhasm (Pack of 2)

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Divya Kasis Bhasm

Blood is one of the most important components of human body. It keeps body functional and in good health. It is the blood through which nutritional supply to all the parts, organs and systems of the body is possible. Also oxygen is supplied to the entire body only through blood. It is worth noting that without proper supply of oxygen, the survival of human beings is not possible. Blood is made up of various components including blood cells.

The cells present in the blood perform an important function. They help in conversion of glucose into the energy. All the tasks whether minor or major are performed by the blood cells. If there is any problem in the blood cells such as any infection or low blood count then the entire functional mechanism of the body gets upset. Therefore it is quite important to keep blood cells to their maximum required count and in good condition.

Due to lack of knowledge or carelessness in the intake of proper diet or consumption of wrong food items, some people suffer from the problem of low blood count. This in turn leads to body weakness and other problems relevant to different parts of the body. To compensate for the deficiency of low blood count, Divya Kasis Bhasm may be used. It is an organic product from the pharmacy of Swami Ramdev Ji which helps in increasing blood count. It is available in two main types known as Balu Kasisa and Pushp Kasisa.

How is Divya Kasis Bhasm prepared?

The preparation of Divya Kasis Bhasm is done by using purified green vitriol which is triturated with fermented gruel or Kanji. These ingredients are exposed to high temperature in by enclosing the same in a container to obtain the Kaseesa Bhasm, which is red in color.

What are the benefits of Divya Kasis Bhasm?

1.   Divya Kasis Bhasm helps in dealing with the problem of low hemoglobin in the blood. It helps in normalizing the level of hemoglobin in blood which in turn ensures that the problem of general body weakness is also treated.

2.   The presence of sulphate of iron in the Divya Kasis Bhasm helps in making it efficient in increasing the blood count in a natural way. As a result, the condition of anemia is also treated automatically.

3.   Liver and spleen are also important parts of the body which required blood in its purest form so as to carry out their respective functions properly. Same point is well ensured with the help of Divya Kasis Bhasm as it helps in improving the efficiency of the body to produce pure blood.

4.   Since Divya Kasis Bhasm has been prepared from the iron in its purest form, which acts as its major ingredient therefore this herbal product is free from any risk or side-effects. It ensures good health in a risk-free manner.

5.   Divya Kasis Bhasm also paces up the process of recovery from the diseased condition. It is due to supply of all the important nutrients required for the recovery process. It is worth noting that these nutrients are supplied through pure blood only.    



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