Divya Kaharava Pishti (Pack of 2)

Divya Kaharava Pishti (Pack of 2)

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Divya Kaharava Pishti

Irregular menstrual cycles, absence of menstrual periods, heavy bleeding, painful bleeding, inflammation during menstrual cycles etc. are all the problems which are associated with the menstrual cycles in females. These problems are now becoming common among young female generation. It is due to change in lifestyle as well as eating habits of younger generation. Apart from this, some other factors are also responsible for these menstrual problems including hereditary factors, imbalance of hormones, stress, depression etc.    

Since menstrual cycles have a direct link with the reproductive system of the body of females therefore it is very important to get rid of problems or disorders associated with the menstrual cycles. Divya Jahar Mohra Pishti, which is an organic or ayurvedic product from the Divya Pharmacy of Swami Ramdev Ji, is beneficial in this case. It is efficient in dealing with almost all the problems associated with the menstrual cycles of females.

Constituents of Divya Jahar Mohra Pishti

To ensure safety of the health of females, this fabulous herbal remedy has been prepared only by using natural ingredients. These include Amber or Trinakanta Mani or Kaharwa and rose water. The Kaharava is converted into powdered form by crushing it thoroughly and then it is mixed with required amount of water to get the wonderful pishti.

How is Divya Kaharava Pishti beneficial for women?

Safety of use- It is perhaps the most important benefit which is associated with the use of this herbal formula. Since reproductive system is one of the most important systems of females’ body therefore its safety is ensured well with the use of Divya Kaharava Pishti. The organic nature of this product keeps it safe from any health hazards. Women may even use it for long time periods or till the menstrual disorders are completely treated.

Normalizes functioning of reproductive organs- Divya Kaharava Pishti helps in normalizing the working of all the parts and organs of reproductive system in females. It is due to supply of all the nutritional components by the reproductive system of women. As a result, the problems associated with menstrual cycles are also treated and prevented naturally. 

Menstrual disorders treatment- Divya Kaharava Pishti is a great product which is capable of treating multiple disorders associated with menstrual cycles or the female reproductive system. As an instance, it may be used to treat leucorrhoea, polycystic ovarian syndrome, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, infertility, dysmenorrhoeal, amenorrhea, menorrhagia, fibroid uterus etc. may be treated successfully with the help of this Pishti.

Relief from symptoms of menstrual cycles- Apart from treating menstrual disorders, Divya Kaharava Pishti is also helpful in getting relief from symptoms associated with menstrual cycles. These may include nausea, back-pain, weakness, exhaustion, vomiting, tenderness of breast and irritable behavior. Any type of pain, discomfort or feeling of inflammation in the genital organs may also be relieved by using this herbal product.

Beneficial during menopause- Divya Kaharava Pishti is also good for females of middle age who have to pass through the most difficult physical condition i.e. menopause. This wonderful pishti is efficient in providing relief from all the problems and symptoms associated with the use of Divya Kaharava Pishti.


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