Divya Avipattikar Choorna

Divya Avipattikar Choorna

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Divya Avipattikar Choorna

Most of us suffer from digestive problems such as stomach gas, heaviness in stomach, bloating, constipation or inflammation in the digestive system. It is due to multiple factors such as sedentary lifestyle, improper eating habits, less intake of water etc. There may even be genetic factors responsible for digestive problems. Digestive problems lead to other problems also such as headache, nausea, mental unrest etc. Since all the systems of body are inter-related therefore it is quite important to keep digestive system in proper working order.

To deal with all these and other digestive problems which are faced in day-to-day life, you may consume Divya Avipattikar Choorna. It is a wonderful herbal remedy which has been prepared from herbs and natural ingredients to ensure proper working of the digestive system. This unique herbal formula for stomach problems has been presented by Swami Ramdev Ji.

Herbs contained in Divya Avipattikar Choorna

It is rich in multiple herbal extracts and naturally occurring ingredients which all help in relieving digestive problems. These include Trikatu, Triphala, Vibhitaki, Amalaki, Musta, Vida Lavana, Vidanga, Ela, Patra, Lavanga, Trivrit, and Sharkara. 

Benefits offered by Divya Avipattikar Choorna

Relief from constipation- Divya Avipattikar Choorna helps in treating the problem of constipation quite efficiently. It is even beneficial for those who suffer from the problem of chronic constipation.

Relieves acidity- Divya Avipattikar Choorna helps in bringing about the lost balance of the pH of the stomach. As a result, the foods consumed by the body are digested completely which in turn helps in providing relief from the problem of acidity and heart burn.

Triggers digestive enzymes- Divya Avipattikar Choorna also helps in triggering digestive enzymes so that the foods and other consumable items taken by the body may be digested quickly thereby preventing numerous digestive problems.

Improves appetite- This herbal formula is also recommended for those who suffer from the problem of loss of appetite. It acts as a good appetizer and hence helps in increasing desire for food which in turn proves to be beneficial for healthy metabolism.   

Complete detoxification of the body- The wonderful herbs present in Divya Avipattikar Choorna helps in removal and excretion of waste materials from the body. As a result, body and all its systems including digestive system is kept in proper working order. It also detoxifies blood and hence facilitates supply of pure blood to all the body parts.

Promotes good health of liver- Due to regular intake of Divya Avipattikar Choorna, the metabolic activity of the body is kept in proper working order. As a result, all the nutrients consumed by the body including fats are absorbed quickly and completely by the body. This in turn helps in keeping liver in good health as no harm is caused to the liver due to excessive fats in the body.

Treatment and prevention of urinary problems- Not only digestive system but urinary problems are also treated and prevented with the help of this great herbal formula.

In order to have the maximum benefit of Divya Avipattikar Choorna, you must consume 1-5 grams of this herbal product before and in between the meals. You may take this choorna with lukewarm water or coconut milk. Even you may take it before going to bed.  

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