Diaper Rash Cream (Pack of 2)

Diaper Rash Cream (Pack of 2)

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Diaper Rash Cream

Diapers are a necessity for almost every baby to keep the little one safe from infections and skin problems which are caused due to wetness. These are especially necessary at night to let baby have uninterrupted sleep. At the same time, it is also true that the skin of babies is soft and it may develop rashes or skin irritations due to constant use of diapers. So we need to use some safe and herbal formula to keep the skin of the baby protected against these problems.

Himalaya’s Diaper rash cream is quite efficient in keeping your baby protected against any skin irritations or other concerned problems. It makes a protective layer on the skin of the baby which in turn offers a soothing and healing effect to the skin of bottoms of the baby. Keeping in view the complete safety of the baby’s skin, this wonderful skin care cream has been prepared from natural ingredients only.

Chief ingredients contained in Himalaya’s Diaper rash cream

Almond oil- It is rich in Vitamin A which helps in fighting against skin infections. This natural ingredient also helps in moisturizing the skin of the baby thereby making it soft and smooth. It also offers nourishment to the skin.

Five-Leaved Chaste Tree- It is rich in multiple properties which are beneficial for the skin. These include antifungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. All these have a positive and healing effect on the skin of the baby. It is apt in treatment of sores and also fights against skin infections.

Natural Zinc- It is rich in astringent and antiseptic properties and helps in healing the rashes on the baby’s skin which may be caused due to use of diapers. It helps in making the skin dry and offers a cooling effect to it.

Aloe Vera- It is known for its healing and antibacterial properties and hence beneficial for the skin in multiple ways. It offers apt moisture to the baby’s skin and also combats skin infections. It is apt in treating any types of common skin ailments.

How to use Himalaya’s Diaper rash cream?

Since this product is available in the form of a tube therefore it is very easy to use. Just apply the cream in the rashes and also on the edges where the diaper rubs against the skin.

Major benefits of using Himalaya’s Diaper rash cream

  • Pain reliever- Himalaya’s Diaper rash cream helps in relieving any pain on the skin of the baby which may be caused due to rashes.

  • Soothes down skin irritations- Himalaya’s Diaper rash cream also helps in soothing down any irritation, itching or inflammation on the skin which is caused due to constant use of diapers.

  • Protects skin- Himalaya’s Diaper rash cream forms a protective layer over the skin and hence protects it from any type of skin problems/infections.

  • Free from any side-effects- Due to presence of organic or herbal ingredients in this skin care cream for babies, it is completely safe to be used. It doesn’t create or produce any side-effects on the skin or overall health of the babies.


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