Diabecon (Pack of 2)

Diabecon (Pack of 2)

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Diabecon- a ray of hope for diabetes patients

The problem of diabetes has now become common and many people all across the world are suffering from this problem. It is known as diabetes mellitus in medical science and is mainly caused when our body is incapable of utilizing the glucose available in our body in the cells and tissues. Glucose is supplied by the foods and the drinks consumed by the body in the form of various carbohydrates, fats and other minerals. These are broken down to simpler forms into the glucose for easy absorption by the body. The hormone named insulin is chiefly responsible for absorption of glucose in the body.

However due to imbalance of this hormone, the capacity of body to digest or absorb glucose decreases which results in excess amount of glucose in our blood. This in turn gives rise to the problem of diabetes. In case, diabetes is left untreated then it may even lead to death of a person due to damage to all organs of the body as a result of increased level of glucose. At the same time, it is also true that some safe mode of treatment such as organic products must be used to treat this problem. Thanks to the Himalaya Company, that has presented a natural product, in the form of Diabecon for successful and effective treatment of diabetes.

Chief ingredients of Diabecon

Indian Kino Tree’s or Pitasara- It helps in normalizing the metabolic enzymes which are responsible for carbohydrate metabolism. It is due to the presence of an ingredient named epicatechin in it which has alpa-glucosidase inhibitory properties.

Gymnema’s or Meshashringi- Due to presence of anti-diabetic properties in the gymnemic acid present in it in large quantities, it helps in alleviation of the excessive blood sugar level in the body. It also acts as an insulin tropic i.e. it triggers the production as well as activity of insulin. Besides, the stimulating effect of Gymnema on the pancreatic beta cells is also responsible for this process.

The working mechanism of enzymes which help in absorption of glucose as well as its consumption by the body is also enhanced by this ingredient. It also helps in getting rid for taste for sugar for a short time and hence leads to reduction in desire for sugar.

Shilajeet- It aids in prevention of hyperglycemia by reducing the production of hepatic glucose. At the same time, it helps in stimulation of the unlimited endogenous insulin action by having a defensive effect in the b-cells of pancreas.

Line of treatment of Diabecon

Diabecon helps in the treatment of NIDDM or Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. It helps in this process in the form of a mono-therapeutic agent or as an adjuvant with other anti-diabetic drugs.

Diabecon helps in fighting against diabetes by enhancing the secretion of insulin in the body. This in turn helps in absorption as well as consumption of the excess levels of glucose in a better manner.

Besides, it also helps in reducing the high glucose content in the blood and hence paces up the recovery process.

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