Deva vati (Pack of 2)

Deva vati (Pack of 2)

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Deva Vati

Human life is full of pleasures and miseries. Almost all the people across the globe suffer from different diseases for which various medicines are available in the market. However, many of them are not so effective because of the poor formulations and some harmful ingredients. That’s why large numbers of persons switch over to ayurvedic medicines that are prepared with herbal products that are free from harmful elements.

Deva Vati - The world renowned spiritualist and peace lover, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji has done a superior job by setting up Sri Sri Ayurveda Trust in Bangalore. Varied types of medicines are prepared at this centre that imparts ayurvedic knowledge too.

Deva Vati facilitated by the above trust is of great use for different purposes. It heals various ailments and provides energy to the users. This amazing and healthy ayurvedic formulation acts like a health tonic.

Components – Deva Vati prepared at Sri Sri Ayurveda center contains the useful herbal ingredients. They are Chitraka, Dhaniya, Kutaja, Kiratikta, Katuka, Kantakari, Patola, Shilajitu, Sunti and shankha Bhasma. All these components are mixed in apt proportions to prepare an effective formulation for different ailments and good health. 

Benefits – Deva Vati is much advantageous as follows:

  • It energizes the immune system that is improved to great extent if one takes this important medicine in regular manners.
  • It acts like an antioxidant that is much helpful for so many problems.
  • Fever – It is a great fighter to get quick relief from fever.
  • Inflammation – All the body parts can be relieved from inflammation that is responsible for so many ailments.
  • Protects the liver – It provides shelter to the liver that is saved from different disorders.
  • Indigestion – Digestive problems can be set aright with its apt use.
  • Improves blood circulation – Flow of blood to different parts of the body is enhanced by taking it on regular basis.
  • Removes toxins – It is a great purifier that helps to remove any foreign or poisonous elements from the body.
  • Headache and body aches – It acts like a good pain reliever and provides instant relief from painful sensations in the head and other parts of the body.
  • Constipation – This miraculous medicine is useful to get rid of this ailment too that is responsible for so many problems.
  • Hyperacidity – Acidic effects can be reduced to great extent with its apt use.
  • Hepatitis – It is a magnificent medicine for this ailment.
  • Dysentery and diarrohea – These two problems can also be deterred with the use of Deva Vati that provides quick relief.
  • Improves appetite – It enhances the appetite that is good for human health.

Dosage – Two tablets of Deva Vati may be taken twice or thrice a day. It may be had with water or milk.

Quite cheap and easily available at the medicine stores; Deva Vati can be procured online too. Home delivery is possible if anyone wants this medicine at his or her doorsteps. Make use of this genuine treatment for different ailments and keep your body fit in all respects. 

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