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Treatment of Urinary problems with Cystone tablets

Urinary problems including urinary calculi and urinary tract infections are quite common which can occur in both the sexes. Urinary calculi or urinary stones refer to the heaps that can build-up inside the urinary tract. Although most of the urinary stones are passed via the drainage system of urinary tract however the stones which are bigger in size start obstructing the way of urinary tract and result in pain, inflammation and other problems as well. It may develop in kidney, bladder or even the ureters.

On the other hand, urinary tract infections refer to the infections that affect part of the urinary tract and are also known as acute cystitis or bladder infection. UTI’s lead to some symptoms including painful and frequent urination. It is mostly caused by bacteria. Sometimes, fungi or viruses are also responsible for UTI’s. Since these problems related to urinary tract have an adverse effect on the overall health of the sufferer therefore it is quite important to treat these with the help of natural products such as Cystone tablets made available by the Himalaya Company.

Ingredients used to prepare Cystone tablets

Pasanabheda or Saxifraga Ligulata- Due to its diuretic, demulcent and antimicrobial properties, it helps in flushing out the small stones from the body and soothing down the inflammation and irritation caused in the internal tissues.

Small Caltrops or Gokshura- It is considered to be a strong antimicrobial agent. It helps in controlling uro-genital diseases such as urinary tract infections, kidney stones and bladder infection. It helps in prevention of painful urination or presence of blood in the urine i.e. dysuria as well as crystalluria. It helps in prevention of deposition, super-saturation and accumulation of calculogenic chemicals in the urine.

Shilapushpa or Didymocarpus pedicellata- This herb is recognized for its antimicrobial, lithotriptic and antilithiatic properties and hence helps in the prevention of formation of stones. It also helps in dissolving the kidney stones.

Benefits of using Cystone tablets

Cystone tablets are found to be effective in the treatment of crystalluria i.e. presence of crystals in the urine.

This product is also known to be helpful in the prevention of recurrence of stones following removal of kidney stones with shockwaves. It is also known as post-lithotripsy in medical terms.

Cystone tablets are equally effective in the treatment as well as prevention of pediatric and adult kidney stone formation or urolithiasis. It helps in the treatment of calcium stones, uric acid stone, phosphate stones, calcium oxalate stones, urate bladder stones and uric acid stones.

Cystone tablets are found to be useful in fighting against urinary tract infections as well as the associated symptoms. It is due to antimicrobial properties contained in this product. Besides, it is also rich in anti-inflammatory and demulsifying properties which helps in soothing down the inflammation or irritation caused during urination in the genital organs.

Cystone tablets are found to be effective in the treatment of unclear irritation or swelling caused in the urethra such as dysuria. Besides, it also aids in the treatment of chronic UTI, burning urination and gout.

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