The most common ailment, i.e. Coughing occurs because of irritation of the nerve endings in the airways between the lungs and throat due to pollen, dust, bacteria or viruses etc. The major reasons of this disease may be flu, common cold, viral infection, smoking or other problems including lung cancer, tuberculosis or asthma. Patients challenged with coughing often complain of congestion, chest pain and itchy throats. They should take this ailment seriously and get it treated in the beginning itself otherwise it may result in serious health issues. 

 It is suggested that the following home remedies are tried rather than sticking to over-the-counter medications that often affect adversely.

  1. Almonds – Make a smooth paste of almonds by soaking few in water for some time. Take it daily for quick recovery from cough.
  2. Black pepper & Honey tea – While honey is good for relief from cough, black pepper stimulates circulation and mucus flow. Take both in regular manners and see the results.
  3. Cayenne – Make good syrup by mixing cayenne pepper, ground ginger, honey, apple cider vinegar and water. Have it regularly to get rid of cough problems.
  4. Carrot Juice – Take it daily for quick relief from cough.
  5. Grapes – These small fruits are much useful for cough problems.
  6. Ginger – This natural herb is much helpful to say NO to cough. You can take it raw or by grinding. Adding it to salads and vegetables also gives excellent results.
  7. Garlic – With the contents of antimicrobial and antibacterial features, garlic is much helpful to get rid of cough. Make a mixture by boiling garlic and adding oregano. Take it and see the results.
  8. Lemon – It contains vitamin C and is enriched with anti-inflammation properties. You can take its juice by mixing some salt to get sufficient relief from cough.
  9. Hot Milk and Honey – Add some honey into hot milk and take it regularly for better results. You can take it directly too. It will clear the mucus and your throat too. 
  10. Homemade honey cough-syrup: Mix some honey into lemon juice and coconut. Take it daily for treating cough problems.
  11. Licorice – Using licorice by steeping it into boiling water is much beneficial for cough.
  12. Liquids – Mucus can be thinned by having sufficient liquids on frequent intervals. 
  13. Onions – Make syrup by mixing onion juice, honey and comfrey tea and take it regularly. 
  14. Turmeric – Good results can be obtained with Turmeric that may be taken in the form of herbal tea. Take turmeric powder, add carom seeds, honey and boil it in hot water. Taking this solution gives quick relief from cough. 
  15. Thyme – This natural treatment helps to get rid of whooping cough, bronchitis, upper respiratory infections and other problems. Take it in the form of Thyme Tea. Adding honey and lemon juice gives best results.
  16. Cough Drops – Cough can be treated effectively with Menthol Cough Drops that work well if taken regularly.
  17. Hot showers – Cough can be got rid of by taking hot showers too that not only relax the body but also give quick relief from cough. 

Staying away from fried foods, cigarettes and other harmful eatables also helps to keep cough at distance.

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