Deficiency of nutrients and vitamins etc puts adverse effects upon our health and leads to many diseases including the ones related to skin. Dead skin often develops in between or on the toes with a hard center core. It is known as Corn that occurs because of rubbing of the toes with one another. It may be because of rubbing of the toe with the shoe too. It may be noted that the corns that exist between the toes are soft in nature because of the moisture. They are called Soft Corns while the ones that appear on the tops of the toes or on the outer edges of largest or smallest toes are hard and form a crispy surface.  

The following home remedies and preventive steps are much useful for this disease. 

  • Wash your feet daily with soap, water and scrubbing brush. Keep the feet dry and apply foot cream.
  • The best home remedy to treat corn is soaking the foot in hot water for some time, followed by sanding the corn with pumice stone or other sanding thing like a skin file. Repeating this process number of times helps to remove corn in full. 
  • Silicone foam wedges – You can get relief from the corns by using these wedges that are useful to eliminate friction and pressure between the toes. 
  • Pads – Making use of pads also gives sufficient relief. The OTC pads containing salicylic acid are also much helpful for corns.
  • Using antibiotics along with other medicines also help to get relief from corns. Do consult the doctor before going in for the antibiotics that help to eliminate infection. 
  • As the major cause of corns is ill fitting footwear, do avoid such bad shoes that trouble you and result in corns. 
  • Use of high heels should also be avoided at all costs.
  • Always sit, stand or sleep in right postures as bad positions of the body are likely to put extra pressure on the feet thereby causing corns.
  • Foot orthotics may also be useful for changing the pressure distribution on the feet.
  • You can ask the cobbler to stretch the toe box in the area where the corns are likely to occur.
  • Well-padded shoes are available in the market. Purchase these if you do not have the ones. This will save you from developing corns.
  • Pressure on the foot can be absorbed by wearing thick socks that must be loose enough to avoid any problem. The socks should not rub against the corns or the possible places where they may occur. Remember to change the socks on daily basis. 
  • Use of pumice stone is also recommended. Be careful not to use it harshly for removing the dead skin. It may lead to complications. 

Proper cleaning of the feet on daily basis is a must so that dirt does not affect the toes as corns usually occur between or on them. Use soap and warm water to cleanse the affected area because of corns.

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