Many infants suffer from unusual or hard bowel movements that give them pain. They find difficulty to pass their stool that often becomes hard. The painful sensations make them to cry when they try to move the bowels. The young ones often tighten their buttocks and arch their back. The major reasons for constipation amongst the infants include fear to use the bathroom that is at a distance from the home. Insufficient time for using the bathroom may also lead to constipation that often results in fear of pain because of hard stool or anal fissure. It is suggested that suitable medicines are administered to the infants for proper treatment.
Following home remedies and preventive measures help the children to get rid of the constipation related problems.

  • Baby Food – Barley cereal, prunes, pureed pea and other solid diets are the best foods for the youngsters to keep their digestive system in order.
  • Dark Corn Syrup – With the contents of complex sugar proteins in it, this syrup works well with the bowel movements. 
  • Add fiber to the daily diets of the youngsters to keep them fit and improve their digestive strength.
  • Fluids – Sufficient quantity of fluids is a must for the youngsters for proper hydration. It can be managed with simple water too. 
  • Fruit Juices – Encourage the kids to have enough fruit juices in a day. It will energize them and improve their digestive system.
  • Iron – Many kids suffer from deficiency of iron. Ask the doctor to prescribe medicines or other nutrients that may help to recover. Iron drops may also be useful. 
  • Milk – This is one of the best home remedies for the infants to get rid of constipation. 
  • Regular toilet time – Help the child to maintain regular toilet timings. It will enable the kid to set a routine for passing the stool.
  • Clean out treatment – Some children need this treatment for emptying the bowels. This may include some medicines or magnesium hydroxide etc. 
  • Maintenance treatment – Many children get recovered with the help of laxative that may be continued for few months. Consult your doctor for this treatment that is done after Clean out Treatment.
  • Rescue Treatment – Many children may suffer from large bowel movement collect in the colon despite using laxatives. Such a condition necessitates the Rescue Treatment for them. 
  • You can give castor oil, flax seeds, fish oil and guavas too to your kids as these natural ingredients work wonders for constipation.
  • Lemon juice is one of the best home remedies for infants to get quick relief from constipation. 
  • Giving oranges and raisins to the kids also help much for constipation. 
  • Administering triphala powder to the children also gives amazing results for saying NO to constipation. 
  • Physical activities – Make the children to get involved in physical activities that enable them to stretch their bodies which are much helpful in getting rid from constipation.

The children can be helped to get relieved from constipation if they are given the above homemade medicines and are advised to stay away from junk or fried foods. Simple exercises also help a lot.

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