Bloody stool or abdominal pain could be the solid symptoms of Constipation that may lead to complications if not treated in the beginning itself. Constipation may be referred to as a condition when anyone suffers from disordered bowel movements. Persons suffering from this ailment often complain of hard or dry stool that creates painful sensations when one goes to bathroom for passing it.  It must be taken seriously and necessary treatment in time is a must otherwise it may create more physical problems. You can take different conventional medicines also but beware as some of them may cause harmful effects.

The following home remedies can work wonders if the patients adopt them in a positive manner.

A. Castor Oil – The intestinal worms get killed with this oil that may be added to warm milk and taken regularly.
B.  Figs – Make a mixture by boiling figs in milk. Take it before going to bed. You can take the figs as fruits too.
C.  Flax seeds – The contents of fiber in this natural ingredient help greatly to get rid of constipation. Take them by mixing in cereal or with warm water in the mornings. 
D.  Fiber – This most effective remedy works wonders by taking fruits, vegetables or whole grains that contain sufficient quantity of fiber in them. Remember to have sufficient water along with fiber.
E.  Fish Oil – Contents of omega-3 fatty acids in this oil help to improve digestion. 
F.  Guavas – Enriched with fiber, this natural ingredient helps to improve immunity and also fight constipation.
G.  Lemon juice – Lemon juice mixed with salt and warm water is one of the best home remedies for quick relief from constipation. Taking the mixture empty stomach provides excellent results.
H.  Oranges – The contents of fiber and Vitamin C in the organs make them more useful for getting rid of constipation.
I.    Raisins – Take raisins empty stomach in the mornings by soaking them in water the previous night. They work wonders for the pregnant women that suffer from constipation.
J.   Spinach – The intestinal tract is cleansed, rebuilt and renewed by taking this natural eatable on regular basis. The patients suffering from constipation must take it.
K.  Mixture of sunflower seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds and almonds work wonders for constipation related problems. It helps to rejuvenate the intestinal walls too.
L.  Triphala powder – A combination of Indian Gooseberry, Chebulic Myrobalan and Bellirica Myrobalan; this powder gives excellent results and facilitates quick relief from constipation. It helps to regulate the digestive system. Take it with warm water or add honey for its better use.

It is recommended that foods containing white sugar or maida should be avoided. Rich diets with vitamins and minerals should be taken instead. Use of vegetables and fruits is a must to stay away from constipation. Sufficient quantity of water after frequent intervals is also a must for the patients suffering from this harmful disease. They should include ajwain, haldi and jeera etc in their daily diets. Simple exercising can also help.

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