Congestion may be referred to as the condition when anyone feels difficult to breathe in a usual manner. The problem may arise due to flu, cold or allergies. Various valves in the large number of blood vessels in the nose open and close frequently. The nervous system gets aroused if the nose is stimulated due to irritation that makes the valves to open. It leads to flow of more blood to the nose which results in swelling in the nasal passages that creates problems for breathing, i.e. Congestion. People suffering from this ailment complain of headache and mustiness.

Various medicines are taken by the patients who must try the following simple home remedies too for natural relief from congestion.

Garlic – The antibacterial and antifungal features of this natural ingredient make it much useful to manage congestion because of cold. You can take it raw or its steam can also facilitate amazing results.
Hot or Cold Packs – You can say NO to stuffiness with hot or cold packs by applying them on to the bridge of the nose. It gives soothing effects. You can prepare a good cold pack with frozen peas / other vegetables by wrapping them in a towel and putting across the face. Hot pack may be made by squeezing out a wet washcloth and heating it in the microwave. Laying it across the face gives good results.
Neti Pot – Used by large number of people across the globe, these teapot-shaped devices work wonders to get quick relief from nasal congestion. Put salt and warm water into neti pot and put its spout into one of nostrils so that the solution flows up into the nasal passage. Repeat the same for the other nostril. Quite safe, these pots can be used effectively at your homes. 

Humidifier - Humidifiers facilitate extra humidity that gives much relief. They add moisture to the air and help in breaking up congestion those results in thinning the mucus in the nose. Remember to keep the humidifier free from any filth as it may lead to bacteria and mold. 

Hydration – Bacteria and viruses can be fought effectively with heated drinks that are intense in taste which arouses the flow of mucus and saliva that gives soothing effects to the nose. It helps in getting relief from congestion. Hot soups including chicken noodle, hot teas and hot water give excellent results. Adding honey and lemon also work wonders.

Herbs and Vitamins – Vitamin C is much helpful in getting rid of cold. Eucalyptus oil and menthol give very good results to fight congestion. Mentholated products help to treat sinus congestion. You can get rid of phlegm by using eucalyptus oil. Its steam also gives quick relief. Breathing in its steam for some time relieves you from congestion.

You can get enough relief by following the above home remedies and saying NO to fast or fried foods etc. Putting extra pillows under the head also helps in draining the sinuses. Nasal breathing strips also give good results for opening the nasal passages.

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