Running nose, continuous sneezing, stuffy nose, heaviness in the head, high fever, sore throat, body pain, cough, itchiness of eyes and sore throat are all symptoms of common cold. Most people and especially children are caught with common cold in winters and during seasonal changes. It is a kind of viral infection for which various viruses may be responsible. Although common cold is not so serious however it is very discomforting. It lasts for many days and hence disturbs the routine activities of the sufferer. Although there are multiple medicines available in the market for treatment of common cold however some home remedies may prove to be quite useful in treatment and prevention of common cold.

A. To get rid of symptoms of common cold, you may prepare a mixture by combining together lemon juice, crushed garlic cloves, honey, red pepper powder and cayenne pepper. Take this mixture twice a day till the cold is treated completely.

B. Eat raw garlic as it paces up the process of recovery from the viral infection and also boosts immunity in a natural way.

C. Drink green tea 2-3 times in a day when you suffer from cold. It offers warmth to the body and helps in relieving symptoms relevant to common cold.

D. Take honey as it is using a spoon or take it by mixing it with lemon juice. It offers great relief from sore throat or inflammation in the respiratory tract caused due to deposition of mucus in it.

E. Ginger tea is another effective home remedy which is commonly used by most of the people to get rid of common cold. It is helpful in getting relief from body pain, fever, headache and sore throat as well.

F. Ginger may also be taken in raw form by adding honey and lemon juice to it. This mixture must be taken several times a day so as to get fast relief from common cold.

G. Red onion is equally beneficial in treatment of common cold. Prepare an onion soup by adding onion slices and honey in a bowl and keeping this mixture for 12-15 hours. You will get a thick liquid which is called as onion syrup. Take this syrup several times in a day with the help of a spoon to get relieved of the symptoms of common cold.

H. Pepper may also be used to get rid of the nasal and chest congestion caused due to common cold. Use pepper while cooking foods or take it by adding honey to it. Gargle with pepper mixed in warm water to treat a runny nose. Even smelling the pepper all through the day also helps in opening of blocked nose.

I. If you like non-vegetarian foods, then you can have chicken soup which helps in boosting immunity and provides relief from common cold. It also helps in restoring back the natural strength of the body.

J. Prepare mullein tea by boiling mullein herb in water. Add honey to it and drink the same to get relief from common cold.

All these are effective home remedies for common cold and hence may be used by anyone.

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