Cold sores refer to the appearance of redness around the mouth which is mostly accompanied by a feeling of itchiness and irritation. It is a contagious disease which gets spread from the infected person to the others through contact such as kissing. It is a viral infection which is caused by herpes simplex virus. Both the genders i.e. men and women are equally affected by the cold sores. Since it is a communicable infection therefore it must be treated as soon as one gets it. There are various home remedies which may be tried to get rid of cold sores. These home remedies even help in prevention of the cold sores.

Apply an ice cube over the affected area till it gets melted. Although it is little painful in the beginning however it is really an effective method to get rid of cold sores. When the ice melts completely pat the cold sore dry with the help of towel and then apply rubbing alcohol over it with the help of cotton ball. Continue this process for half an hour to one hour and get rid of the cold sore the very next day of the treatment.

To pace up the process of healing of cold sores, you may apply petroleum jelly over it. It helps in protecting the viral infection from further attack of pathogens and hence allows it to get healed quickly.

People who suffer from cold sores more often must consider replacing their toothbrush after the cold sore is completely treated. It is because the virus responsible for causing this problem may linger on your toothbrush for so many days and increase the chances of its recurrence.

The cold sores which are induced due to exposure to sunlight may be got ridden of or prevented completely by using a sunscreen on your face. For lips, you may use a lipstick or lip balm which has sun-protective ingredients in it.

Use milk to be applied on the cold sore to get relieved of pain. You may use a cotton ball for this process. It is advisable to start using this remedy as soon as you feel tingling sensation caused by the cold sore on your face. It helps in speeding up the process of healing and also helps in nipping it in the bud itself. 

Mix a capsule of Benadryl and plain flavored lip balm. Apply this paste on the cold sore to make it dry. It helps in prevention of further bacterial infections and makes you get rid of cold sore completely just within three days.

Lysine is another easy and effective home remedy for cold sores. Apply it on the cold sores thrice a day. This remedy may be used in the very beginning of this viral infection when the infected person feels tingling sensation around the mouth. It helps in prevention of further development of cold sores. 

You must also take care of personal hygiene. Wash your hands as soon as you touch the cold sores. Don’t pinch or squeeze the cold sores as these may lead to bacterial infections which may spread to other members of the family too.


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