Cold Balm (Pack of 2)

Cold Balm (Pack of 2)

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Cold Balm

Common cold is a problem from which most people are prone to suffer due to seasonal changes, allergies, low immunity or even due to contact with other person suffering from cold. It is really a discomforting condition as it leads to congestion in the chest and may be accompanied by body pain, fever, nasal congestion and even chest congestion. Most people use anti-allergic medicines or medicines which are available at drug stores. Although these medicines offer fast relief from cold however these lead to some side-effects in the body.

In order to remain free from any side-effects and get rid of cold in a safe manner, you may use Himalaya’s Cold balm. It is used topically and offers safe and quick relief from cold and the associated symptoms. It has been prepared from herbs or natural ingredients which are being used since ancient times to treat cold and nasal congestions.

Major constituents of Himalaya’s Cold Balm

Nutmeg Oil- It acts as a counter-irritant and relieves the irritation caused in the nostrils due to presence of sticky mucus in them. It helps in enhancing flow of blood to the area where it is applied thereby helps in getting rid of any irritation in the concerned area.

Camphor oil- It is a great counter-irritant and a skin stimulant which is again beneficial to get rid of skin irritations in the nostrils.

Mint- The extracts of mint which are used in the preparation of this herbal cold balm help in reducing fever and also aids in relieving pain caused in the nerves.

Blue Gum oil- The oil which is extracted from Blue gum tree acts as a great dry inhalant. It gets easily absorbed when it is used externally.

Turpentine oil- It is obtained from Chir Pine and is apt in the treatment of minor colds and body pains. It also helps in alleviation of the redness of the skin caused due to runny nose. It is even apt in relieving irritation caused in the nostrils due to nasal congestion.

How is Himalaya’s Cold Balm used?

To get relieved of cold and the associated symptoms, apply this balm on nose, chest and forehead externally.

How is Himalaya’s Cold balm beneficial?

Relief from common cold- This herbal balm is helpful in providing relief from common cold and the symptoms associated with it. It also helps in getting rid of body pain, fever and headache caused due to cold.

Offers relief from nasal congestion- Himalaya’s Cold balm is beneficial in offering relief from nasal congestion. The ingredients contained in this superb cold treatment product help in opening the blocked nostrils and facilitate easy breathing.

Treatment of nasal infections- The cold balm offered by Himalaya herbals is also helpful in the treatment of nasal infections which may be caused due to attack of cold.

Treats sinusitis- People who suffer from cold more often may use this fabulous cold treatment formula to get rid of this problem. It is due to efficiency of this herbal product in the treatment of sinusitis.  

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