Cold and cough are common problems faced by most of the people during seasonal changes. Some people may also suffer from these problems that are allergic to pollutants, foreign elements or suffer from some other respiratory problems. Although cold and cough are considered to be common problems however these are very uncomfortable and make a person completely restless. Cold and cough lead to unrest and pain in the entire body and may also be accompanied by fever or infections in the respiratory tract. Apart from medicines, some home remedies may also prove beneficial in the treatment and prevention of cold and cough.

Cabbage- Eating cabbage in any form in your diet regularly helps in controlling the problem of cold and cough to great extent. It is also helpful in relieving the symptoms associated with both these conditions.

Honey, orange juice and salt- You may also get relief from cold, cough and sore throat by drinking a mixture of honey, salt and orange juice.

Cow’s milk- It is very beneficial in the treatment of infectious conditions such as cold and cough. Addition of honey to the cow’s milk for drinking purpose enhances the effect of this home remedy to considerable extent.

Alternatively, cow’s milk may be consumed by adding turmeric powder to it. It is beneficial to get relief from dry cough.

Guava- The phlegm which leads to chest congestion may be removed from the body by consuming guava to which pepper has been added.

Onion- Onion which is burnt directly in the flame may be consumed so as to get rid of cough and chest congestion. It is due to presence of medicinal properties in the onions.

You may also consume onion juice by adding honey to it to relieve the problem of phlegm.

Almonds- People suffering from dry cough may get rid of the same by consuming a mixture of almond paste, sugar and butter. For this, you need to soak almond kernels for an overnight and then remove the skin and grind the same into fine paste. Take the mixture prepared by adding other two ingredients two times in a day.

Juice of Betel leaves- Extract juice from betel leaves and honey to it. Consume the same to have relief from cough.

Ginger tea- Consuming ginger tea 4-5 times in a day is very beneficial in the treatment of cold, cough and chest congestion. It is due to medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties contained in ginger. It also helps in soothing down any irritation or inflammation in the throat or respiratory tract.

Grapes- This sweet fruit which is mostly liked by all acts as an expectorant. It helps in providing relief from common cold and cough as it is rich in expectorant properties. You may also consume orange juice to which honey has been added to get rid of cough.

Basil leaves- Consuming extracts from basil leaves and adding honey to it is very beneficial in providing relief from cold and cough. This home remedy must be repeated two times in a day.   

All these home remedies are tested for their efficacy and found to be effective in treating cold and cough.  


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