Cold and cough are common problems which are faced by most of the infants. It is due to weak immune system. Since infants are too small as well as delicate therefore they may not recover soon from this condition. Also it may make them restless as well as suffer from loss of appetite. Apart from this, infants may keep on crying the whole day long and even at night due to pain and inflammation experienced by them in respiratory tract, throat and body. Even some infants suffer from fever along with cold and cough. Similar to adults, some home remedies may be used to provide relief to the infants from cold and cough and the relevant symptoms.

You may use saline nasal spray to clear the congestion from the nose of the infant. It facilitates in easy breathing as well as soothes down the inflammation caused in the nose.

To keep the baby decongested, feed your baby as frequent as required. It helps in loosening of the mucus and hence offers relief from cough.

Steaming is also an effective way to offer relief to the baby from cough. Use a steamer for this purpose as it is easy to handle it with the baby. Let your baby sit in front of steam for around 20 minutes twice a day. It helps in breaking up of the mucus which can then be easily removed from the body.

Babies who are more than six years of age may be given a cool drink so as to lessen the soreness from coughing. Remember you should not use orange juice or soda.

Vapor Rubs may also be used so as to make your baby sleep better. Use menthol and camphor vapor rubs to rub the chest, back and neck regions of the baby’s body. It helps in giving relief from cough and inflammation in the respiratory tract which in turn lets your little one sleep better. 

To facilitate easy breathing, place a humidifier or cool mist in the room where your child sleeps or plays. It may even be used while feeding your baby.

Give lots of liquids except from tea, coffee or colas to babies who are more than six months. It helps in dilution of the nasal secretions and clears them from the body. It also helps in keeping the body properly hydrated.

Chest congestion and common cold may be relieved to great extent with the help of soup and warm liquids. It also helps in providing relief from the symptoms associated with cold and cough.

Let your baby lick your finger which is dipped in honey 2-3 times in a day. It helps in soothing down cold and cough.

Use warm mustard oil which is mixed with garlic to massage the back, neck and chest of your baby. Then cover the palm and feet of your baby with oil so as to offer fast relief from cold and cough.

Boil carom seeds and basil leaves in water and let your baby consume the same dip by dip. It gives great relief from chest congestion.


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