Have you ever suffered from the problem of clogged ear? It is really an uncomfortable condition as the person suffering from this problem hears cracking or popping noises in the ears. Sometimes, the sufferer even experiences a full sensation in the ears. This problem may be caused due to cold, allergies or high altitudes. Although you may feel bit uncomfortable when you suffer from this problem however it is not a serious problem. It can be treated with the help of some simple and effective home remedies. By following these home remedies, you will get freedom from the clogged ear and enjoy hearing everything in a clear manner.

Although it may sound bit strange however chewing a gum helps in relieving the ear pressure which is mostly caused due to mountain travelling or riding on plane.

You may even try pinching your nose and drinking water simultaneously to relieve the ear pressure. It is an easy way to open the clogged ear.

Unbelievable but quite effective is the process of yawning in opening the blocked Eustachian tubes inside the ears. Yawn repeatedly so as to open the blocked ears.

Steaming is another effective way to open a blocked or clogged ear. It is especially true for sinus congestions. Steam may be taken by running a hot shower for around 20 minutes. Alternatively, use a steamer for the same purpose. After the steaming process is over, apply vapor rub so as to get rid of ear congestion completely.

Hydrogen peroxide may also be used to get relieved of ear congestion. Pour few drops of hydrogen peroxide into the clogged ear and wait for some time. Fizzling of the hydrogen peroxide means the clearing of ears is finished. You may now drain out the liquid.

Swallowing is also a good way to press air through the ear canals. Swallow frequently so as to clear out the ear canals thereby getting rid of ear congestion automatically.

The passage in the clogged ears may be cleared by blowing. It is done by holding the nose and closing the unplugged ear followed by blowing. The pressure created during this process helps in clearing up the blocked passage.

To keep your ears free of wax and the clogging thus created, you need to keep your ears clean. Make sure that the ears are cleaned regularly so that any blockage may be prevented.

Grain alcohol is also effective in opening up any blockage in the ear canals. Place few drops of grain alcohol in your ears in the morning and let it dry up the congestion within the canal. It helps in retaining back the normal functions of the ear canal. This method works best when repeated twice a day.

Decongestant nasal sprays which are used to open the blocked nasal passages may also be used to get relieved of clogging of the ears. You just need to be careful to use a good quality decongestant for this purpose and follow the instructions given on it properly.

So, next time you suffer from clogged ear, give these home remedies a try and get relieved of the relevant problem.



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