Clogged drain is really a matter of worry for any home owner. It is because a clogged drain starts creating problem in the entire plumbing system of the house. Also the foul smell coming from the clogged drain makes you feel really bad. Stress and tension reaches its peak when a clogged drain is not opened even after making constant efforts. It requires you to spend lots of money in case you have to ask for professional help to get the clogged drain opened. But thankfully there are some home remedies which are really helpful in opening up of a clogged drain. These home remedies are even helpful in prevention of clogging of the drain in future. So you must also give these home remedies a try to get rid of the clogged drain and the nuisance caused due to it.

Use hot salted water to get rid of clogged drain. Pour the hot water, to which adequate amount of salt has been added, into the drains. It helps in clearing of the obstruction as well as helps in getting rid of foul smell that comes from drains.

Plumbing snake, or known as auger is a sort of plumbing instrument which helps in opening up of a clogged drain quite easily. It is a long wire which is pushed through the drain to clear the blockage. 

First pour half cup of baking soda in the drain followed by pouring of half cup of vinegar. Bubbles will be formed when both these ingredients get mixed inside the drain. Let this mixture remain in the drain for an overnight followed by pouring of hot water in the morning. It helps in flushing away the clog.

Mix equal amounts of baking soda and salt in hot water, which is four times the quantity of the salt/baking soda. Pour this mixture in the drain and left it for an overnight. Pour hot water into the drain in the morning to wash away the dissolved clog.

The plunger method may be applied to clean away any clogging in the drain. Force the drain for 1-2 minutes to make the clog loose. Then pour hot water to flush away the blocked clog.

Washing soda or commonly called as sodium carbonate is also an effective home remedy for clogged drain. Mix equal amounts of washing soda and hot water and pour this mixture into drain and wait for an overnight. Flush the drain with hot water in the morning to get it clear.

Simply pouring hot boiling water into the drains on a weekly basis helps in keeping drains cleared of any clogging. It also helps in killing any microbes which may grow in the drains. 

If you are short of time and suffer from the clogging problem in your drains more often, then keep some good quality commercial drain cleaners in liquid or powdered form at home. Just pour the drain cleaner into the drains and see results within few hours or maximum within a day.

Follow these home remedies and have clean and clear drains at your home.


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