Clear vital (Pack of 2)

Clear vital (Pack of 2)

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Get rid of wrinkles and spots on skin with the help of Clear Vital

Due to ageing process, the effects can be seen on all parts of body including skin as well. It is because skin cells undergo wear and tear over the passage of time. Also the capacity of skin to tolerate extreme conditions starts decreasing with advancement in age. Apart from ageing, some other factors such as over-exposure to sunlight or excessive cold weather conditions plus hormonal imbalance may also result in numerous skin problems such as wrinkles and spots. Also the complexion of skin starts fading due to these reasons.

At the same time, it is also true that skin must be kept in a healthy condition so as to ensure that it looks naturally glowing and beautiful. Although there are various medical products and treatments available to cure various skin problems however these produce side-effects on the skin. Instead of treating skin problems, these may have an adverse effect on the skin. So it is important to use some natural or organic products for this purpose. One such natural product is made available by the Himalaya Company. It has multiple benefits on the skin and that without the risk of any side-effects or harm to the skin.

How is Clear Vital prepared?

Clear Vital is prepared from a blend of natural ingredients which are known to be beneficial for the skin in multiple ways.

Fire-Flame Bushp or Dhataki- Due to antioxidant properties contained in this herb, it helps in protecting the collagen fiber in the skin. This in turn helps in restraining the ageing process of the skin.

Rose Myrtle or Rhodomyrtus tomentosa- This herb is helpful in preserving the flexibility and firmness of the skin. It is owing to effective elastase-inhibitory properties of this herb.

What are the possible benefits of using Clear Vital?

Clear Vital is quite effective in dealing with the problem of fine lines and age spots. It is done by providing deep nourishment to the skin cells.

Clear vital helps in making skin look young by revitalizing it. It helps in supplying the essential minerals and other ingredients required for proper health and long-lasting glow on the skin.

Clear Vital is quite effective in dealing with the most common problem associated with the skin ageing process i.e. wrinkles and dark spots. Clear vital helps in protecting the two main fibers of the skin which are responsible for determining the structure as well as mechanical properties of the skin. These fibers are elastin and collagen. Additionally, it also helps in pacing up the process of production of collagen.

Clear Vital is rich in antioxidant properties. These properties protect it from oxidative damage including photo damage. This in turn helps in prevention of wrinkles. In other words, it prevents in premature ageing of the skin.

Besides, Clear Vital helps in clearing skin of acne, pimples and rashes caused due to some infections or hormonal changes in the body.

It also provides protection from UV rays of the sun and hence helps in keeping the complexion of skin in its original condition.

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