Clear Complexion Whitening Face Scrub (Pack of 2)

Clear Complexion Whitening Face Scrub (Pack of 2)

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Clear Complexion Whitening Face Scrub

Our appearance plays an important role as regards our external personality. Face, the major part of our body puts an unforgettable impact upon the onlookers. People with shining faces are welcomed and regarded with great respect while the ones with sad faces are not liked by many.

Our face should give glowing looks. People use different types of creams and usual types of medicines for maintaining the glowing appearances of their faces. Few of such items put adverse effects. As such, the Himalayas have introduced its Clear Complexion Whitening Face Scrub that is most suitable for faces with different types of skins.

As is clear from the name, Himalaya’s Clear Complexion whitening Face Scrub helps in improving the complexion of the skin in a natural and wonderful manner. It acts on the deep layers of the skin and helps in removal of impurities and harmful bacteria present on the upper as well as deep layers of the skin.

Also it helps in controlling pigmentation in the skin which in turn leads to improvement in the skin complexion. Also it helps in removal of dead layer of skin cells which leads to diminishing of the face complexion and shining. With the removal of dead layer of skin cells, the fresh skin cells are exposed. Clear complexion whitening face scrub gives the most excellent results when it is used on regular basis. It will give you an ever-lasting glow and fairness on your face.   

Major ingredients – This scrub contains the following components:

  1. White Dammer – This important component of the scrub is able to lighten the heavy skin. It clears the spots and improves the complexion of the face. The facial skin is toned in an even manner with this energising component.
  2. Licorice – It is useful for regulating the melanin synthesis.
  3. Apricot granules – These elements are able to exfoliate the dead skin cells in a feasible manner.

Benefits – This extraordinary whitening face scrub is beneficial as under –

  1. It improves the facial complexion to great extent.
  2. The skin is brought back to its normal position with freshness and glow.
  3. The skin is softened and nourished to great extent.
  4. The dead skin cells and blackheads are removed by using this scrub in a regular manner.
  5. The deeply rooted impurities of the skin are also eliminated.
  6. This scrub does not leave any remains on the skin.
  7. The skin is moisturized with this scrub.
  8. The skin is not dried out with its use.
  9. It exfoliates the skin in an even manner.
  10. This scrub beautifies the skin.
  11. Quite affordable at reasonable price and easily available too.
  12. It does not result in any rashes or breakouts and suits all types of skins.
  13. People with acne prone skins are benefited greatly with its use.

How to use – It is advised that the scrub is applied on the face and the neck in a circular motion. Best results can be obtained by repeating the process once or twice a week.

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