Neat and clean surroundings are a matter of great comfort and pride for all as freedom from dirt saves us from the harmful germs. We need to keep our household items including furniture, clothes, kitchen items and other usable articles neat and tidy at all times. Filth all around may be too harmful whereas tidiness is all the more important for us. There are many items that are used by us to keep everything in a neat and tidy manner. Detergents and soap etc contain chemicals that sometimes harm our skin. As such use of homemade cleaning products has become the preferred choice of millions of users across the globe.

Following precautionary measures and ingredients have become too popular in facilitating cleaning products.

Essential oils – Use of essential oils like lavender oil is much helpful in making the cleaning products that are quite cheap and free from toxins.

You can make your own general cleaning paste by mixing powdered chalk or diatomaceous earth, baking soda and glycerine. Grind the soap flakes and add glycerine and baking soda to make it a thick paste. Apt storage saves it from drying. You can use it for general cleaning purposes.

A good cleaning product for cleaning the glass is possible by mixing vinegar, isopropyl alcohol and methylatead spirit. Adding lavender oil makes it more effective. Mix them well by shaking for some time. Pump-action spray dispenser may be used to clean the glass by spraying onto it followed by wiping off with soft lint-free cloth or old newspaper. The germs can be killed with the help of alcohol and essential oil.

You can prepare an amazing cleaning product for your fridge with baking soda, essential oil and water. Make a thick paste and rub it with a clean cloth.

Brass items can be cleaned well with a paste prepared by mixing vinegar, ordinary table salt and water.

Good fabric softener can be prepared by mixing vinegar and essential oil in apt proportions.

Lavender may be added to laundry for prevention of nappy rash.

Rubbing alcohol is useful to clean the mirrors without creating any streaks onto them.

Your bathroom can be cleaned in a thorough manner by using undiluted vinegar that helps to kill the germs and clear dirt.

Your stove can also be cleaned properly with an apt mixture of water and vinegar. Likewise the vinegar can work wonders for cleaning the laundry room too. It acts as a natural fabric softener.

Lemon Juice dissolves soap scum and hard water deposits. It can be used to scrub stains, surfaces or dishes by mixing it with baking soda or vinegar

Home appliances including pans etc can be cleaned thoroughly by washing them with baking soda and warm water. Adding lemon juice gives amazing results.

The bath tub can be cleaned effectively by using baking soda and vinegar.

The markers from the walls can be removed with toothpaste by sponging it over the affected areas. Rinsing the wall with warm water gives good results.

Stains of tea, coffee or blood from the clothes can be got rid of with hydrogen peroxide.

The cheap and toxin-free homemade cleaning products are much effective for freedom from filth and health hazards.


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