We see many items that involve use of leather in one form or the other. Leather is used in making clothes and furniture. The interiors of automobiles and other transportation systems have also pieces of leather that make them durable and attractive too. Cushions, seats and other accessories related to furniture are also made from leather while it is used in making beautiful jackets also. Cleaning of leather after considerable lapse of time is necessary but doing so every now and then is not recommended as it may result in its early deterioration.

The following home remedies and preventive measures are much helpful for proper cleaning of leather.

Mild detergents – It is suggested that leather items are cleaned with soft detergents including Dove and Ivory etc by mixing them in cool water. Soft lint-free cloth may be used to apply the mixture. Dry towel may be utilized to buff the surface after it gets dried up.

Leather Conditioner / Cleaner – Leather items can be cleaned in a thorough manner by using leather cleaners or conditioners.

Avoid using creams or shoe polish etc that contain heavy oils including mink oil for cleaning the garments or furniture as they may result in darker colors. It is recommended that a small amount of such items are tested on a rough or useless piece of leather before opting for such cleaning treatments for leather.

Brushing with a kitchen type or suede brush is a must for the Suede items to make them free from dirt. Remember not to chafe the skin when you are busy with brushing.

Hair Spray may be used to remove the ink stains from the leather.

Try to remove any dirt or stains with finger nail polish remover but be careful to use it gently otherwise it may spoil the finish.

Use of alcohol can also give good results but its careful application is recommended to clean the leather items.

Vinegar may be useful to remove the perspiration stains from the leather made items. Mix some vinegar with water and rinse the affected area with a piece of clean cloth. Leather made garments including jackets etc can be cleaned thoroughly with this solution.

Stains of blood on the leather can be got rid of with a mixture of Ammonia and water.

The leather can be freed from Gum and its effects by using the ice cubes. Gum gets loosened if the area is chilled with ice and rubbed with soft lint free cloth piece. Gum can be removed with mineral spirit or paint thinner too.

Make use of balms and leather creams that not only help to clean the leather but also enhance the life of the leather items.

It is recommended that the wet leather items because of rains should be left to dry on their own. Use of driers should be avoided because it may damage the leather.

Many items of leather involve use of Zippers. While cleaning them be careful to use wax candle or crayon to save the zippers from any damage.

Proper storage of the leather items is necessary as it would enhance their life by saving them from dirt. 

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