The old saying, i.e. ‘Cleanliness is Godliness” is true in its right sense because neat and tidy environment not only soothes our eyes but it is beneficial for our health too. Filth in any part of the house or office is a matter of great nuisance for all while we take pride in clean and dirt-free surroundings. The household or the office items must be kept clear from any dirt. Daily cleaning of the floors, furniture, sink, bathrooms, all corners and lobbies is a must so that unhealthy elements do not emerge and harm us.

The following homemade remedies may suffice for cleaning our houses, offices and the related items instead of going in for the expensive cleaners.

Bleaching – The painted walls can be cleaned effectively with a solution of chlorine bleach by mixing it into water. Add half cup of chlorine bleach to 4-litre water. Go ahead with cleaning the walls by sponging them gently.

Baking soda – Accumulation of grease in the kitchen drains can be removed in an effective manner. Take some baking soda and pour it into the clogged drain, followed by putting half cup of white vinegar. You should cover the drain for some time so that the grease is dissolved. Then clean the drain with hot water so that grease is flushed out evenly. You can use the baking soda to clear greasy elements from other items too.

Lemon – Tomato sauce stains often make our cabinet or countertops dirty. It is very easy to clean them by wetting the stains with lemon followed by sprinkling some baking soda on them. The stains can be removed by sponging and scrubbing the area in a gentle manner. The kitchen and other areas can be cleared off these stains.

Rye Bread – Pencil sketch marks can be removed easily by using fresh rye bread slices. Art-gum eraser can also give good results for removing such marks.

Sterilization – Full-strength rubbing alcohol may be used to kill the germs that often attack the sink. It may be sprayed evenly on the dishes that must be rubbed down with paper towel or clean dishtowel to destroy the harmful elements.

The stainless-steel kitchen sinks can be cleaned effectively by rubbing the area with lighter fluid followed by cleaning it with non-abrasive scouring powder and water. The rusty or the water marks can also be cleared with the same process.

Fresh lemon thyme tea also facilitates amazing results for cleaning the sink. Add some bunches of this substance into boiling water kept in metal bucket. Let it get dissolved evenly for some time. Pour the mixture in the sink by stopping it up sink and let the mixture remain in the sink for overnight. Drain it the next morning and see the amazing results as the sink will look new and free from any sort of filth.

Wallpaper Dirt – Filth over the waterproof wallpaper can be removed easily by removing it with vacuum cleaner followed by washing the walls with a mixture of lemon juice, dishwashing liquid and water.

These cheap homemade solutions can work wonders for total cleaning and save you from harmful elements. 

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