Clarina Anti-Acne Kit (Pack of 2)

Clarina Anti-Acne Kit (Pack of 2)

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Clarina Anti-Acne Kit

Himalaya herbals has made available a complete solution to almost all the problems relevant to human face such as acne, pimples, dark spots, circles under the eyes. All these problems can be resolved well with the help of Himalaya’s Clarina Anti-acne Kit. It comprises of Clarina anti-acne cream, Clarina Anti-acne face scrub/mask and clarina anti acne-face wash gel. All these products are beneficial for such people who suffer from the problem of acne and pimples more often. It is done in such a way that no marks or scars of the pimples or acne are left on the face once these have been removed. All these products have been prepared from natural ingredients and hence safe to be used on the skin of the face without experiencing any side-effects.

Clarina Anti-Acne Cream- It helps in clearing acne and pimples from the face quite efficiently and safely. The wound-healing, anti-inflammatory, astringent, antimicrobial, soothing and emollient properties contained in this anti-acne cream helps in controlling the appearance of acne and pimples on the face. At the same time, it also helps in removal of acne and pimples from the face. It is also efficient in providing relief from any irritation or burning sensation on the skin.

Major constituents- The chief ingredients contained in the Himalaya Anti-acne cream include Almond, Indian Madder and Barbados Aloe which all help in nourishing the skin.

Clarina Anti-acne Face Mask- Like clarina anti-acne cream, it is also meant to provide freedom from acne and pimples on the face. It also helps in soothing down the inflammation caused due to bacteria responsible for causing acne by inhibition of the production of reactive oxygen species. This action is made possible due to antioxidant property contained in Clarina Anti-acne face mask. It helps in providing relief from acne-vulgaris due to complete removal of bacteria and other toxins from the skin. You just need to apply an apt quantity of Clarina anti-acne face mask on your face for 15 minutes two times in a week and get excellent results. If this face mask is used regularly, it helps in providing permanent relief from the problem of acne and pimples.  It also helps in soothing down the skin.

Ingredients contained in the Himalaya Clarina Anti-acne face mask- Some of the major constituents which are used to prepare the Himalaya Clarina Anti-acne face mask include Kumari, Haridra and Jalavetasa. All these are safe and beneficial for the health of the skin.

Clarina Anti-acne Face wash gel- The third product which is one of the major constituents of Clarina anti-acne kit is Clarina Anti-acne face wash gel. It is rich in anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and keratolytic properties. All these properties help in controlling the problem of acne and pimples quite efficiently. It helps in attacking at the root cause of acne i.e. excessive production of sebum. It helps in controlling the production of sebum or oil and hence prevents formation of acne and pimples.

Major ingredients contained in Himalaya Clarina Anti-acne Face wash gel- It is rich in natural ingredients such as Turmeric, neem, Barbados aloe etc.  

It is worth noting that all the products contained in the Clarina Anti-acne kit are completely safe and do not cause any side-effects on the skin.

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