Clarina Anti-Acne Face Wash Gel (Pack of 2)

Clarina Anti-Acne Face Wash Gel (Pack of 2)

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Clarina Anti-Acne Face Wash Gel

Our appearance is the source of exhibiting our personality that impacts others to great extent. People blessed with soft skins and other perfect body parts are looked upon with high esteem by their known ones. However, the few unlucky ones with harsh or bad skin are not considered well by the latter.

It is due to the reason that some people sufer from the problem of acne and pimples on their face more often. It may be due to imbalance of hormones, use of chemical products or cosmetic product, over-dependence upon oily or spicy foods or such other habits which lead to excessive production of oil or sebum on the skin. 

The uneven and acne - prone skins need to be treated aptly through suitable methods including the medicines. Most of the conventional treatments put adverse effect on the skin that shows bad results rather than making any improvement. That’s why Clarina; the Anti-Acne Face Wash Gel has been introduced to treat the sufferers without affecting them badly.

Major componentsThis exclusive gel contains the following ingredients

Barbados Aloe (Ghrita-kumari) – The skin affected with insect bites, allergies or wounds is treated with this antifungal / antiseptic / antibacterial ingredient. It contains the Aloe that is capable of eliminating itching and dryness with its soothing properties.

Neem (Nimba) – The acne-causing bacterial effects are removed with the help of Neem leaves. It is highly recommended for treating skin infections and eczema.

Turmeric (Haridra) – The skin is soothed with this ingredient that is anti-inflammatory in nature. It is the best face wash component of the gel that makes skin more supple and flexible too.

Benefits –

  1. The natural ingredients of this gel make the skin gentle, soft and refreshed.
  2. Contents of the salicylic acid help to treat acne.
  3. Does not affect in any adverse manner.
  4. It does not leave any bad smell.
  5. A small quantity is sufficient for usual cleansing.
  6. The skin does not get dried up with its use while many other types of skin treatments result in drying up.
  7. The skin becomes clear after using and removing this gel.
  8. Helps to control acne with its antioxidant, keratolytic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
  9. Production of excessive sebum is checked with its use.
  10. It helps in healing lesions and wounds.
  11. The scars on the skin are treated well with its regular use.
  12.  ROS, i.e. Reactive Oxygen Species are inhibited with its use.
  13.  It is beneficial for dermatitis and burns too.
  14. Equipped with the anti viral and antidandruff properties it is useful for treatment of the related diseases too.
  15. The antiseptic properties in its ingredient, i.e. turmeric are useful treatment of many diseases. It helps to get rid of the blood clots and skin-pigmentation.
  16. The old skin is sloughed off greatly with the use of this gel.
  17. Easily available at genuine prices.

How to use – Moisturize the face and apply this gel in a gentle way. It may be used twice on daily basis for getting best results.

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