Even growth of our body depends upon the cells that need nutrients for proper functioning. It is the blood that carries these nutrients to the cells for which it requires to be circulated in a smooth manner. Many people suffer from poor circulation of blood that affects the cells by restricting the nutrients to reach them in a regular manner. Thus the human body is attacked with adverse effects because of this ailment that may harm any part of the body. Serious uneven blood circulation may lead to hypertension, heart problems, damage to organs, high blood pressure, kidney problems, varicose veins and other related health problems. Lack of exercises and fatty & sugar foods are responsible for this ailment that needs proper medication.  People of all ages or sexes become victim of this disease that must be cared for by taking all preventive steps.

Following methods and home remedies are useful to control poor circulation of blood.

Ginger – This natural herb is much useful to regulate the blood flow. You can take in the raw form or by adding it to vegetables or salads. Its regular use facilitates excellent results.

Garlic – It is one of the best home remedies for even circulation of blood in the human physique.

Cayenne – Take this natural herb in a regular manner and see the wonderful results.

Add more fiber to your daily diets. Have sufficient quantity of vegetables and fruits on daily basis.

Intake of sufficient water at frequent intervals helps to regulate circulation of blood.

Avoid excessive intake of coffee or tea.

Excessive use of drinks is also harmful for blood circulation.

Massaging – Regular massaging of the joints, heels and soles also helps to enhance blood circulation.

Exercising – Simple exercises and yoga asana also help to improve the level of blood circulation. Go for swimming or long walks.

You can see good results by stretching different parts of the body.

Cut down intake of unwanted fats.

Taking omega 3 fish oils also helps greatly to get rid of poor blood circulation.

Quit smoking as fast as you can. Tobacco is much harmful for blood circulation.

Make use of hot water bottle if you are affected with cold.

Hot and cold treatments also go a long way in treating blood circulation problems.

You can warm up your feet by using extra set of socks.

Change your positions frequently to improve your blood circulation. Stretch your legs for quick relief.

Avoid taking junk foods that lead to overweight problems and uneven blood circulation.

Take short breaks from the job on frequent basis. This will loosen up the muscles.

Pregnant women may have simple underwater exercises so that blood circulation is regulated. The pool water prevents excess weight off the joints. It is beneficial for the mother and the baby.

Healthy food, simple exercises and abstinence from junk foods / alcohol / smoking can help to improve blood circulation.

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