Chywanprash (Pack of 2)

Chywanprash (Pack of 2)

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The origin of Chywanprash goes back to thousands of years. It is named after the great Rishi whose name was Chyawan. He prepared this herbal tonic and used it that helped him to become energetic and look younger. Chywanprash is not any medicine but acts as a great fighter against different diseases. That’s why people treat it as an effective medicine that is prepared under the principles of Ayurveda. It may be referred to as Chyawanprash Rasayana wherein it means a great tonic.

Chyawanprash - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji with his focus on the people’s welfare has established a trust under the name Sri Sri Ayurveda. It is meant to facilitate different ayurvedic medicines and ayurvedic knowledge to the people across the globe. Chyawanprash facilitated by this prominent trust is a valuable gift for the whole world.

Ingredients – Chyawanprash contains forty nine energetic herbal components. Amla, i.e. the Indian Gooseberry is the major herbal product that is used to prepare it. Other constituents include cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, pippali and ashwagandha etc. Pueraria, white sandalwood, arjun, brahmi, tulsi and neem are also mixed to prepare this useful product. Honey and butter are also added in apt proportions to give good taste.

Benefits – Brown in color, this sticky and thick paste looks like a jam. It consists of different herbal components that provide sour, sweet and spicy taste to the users. Chyawanprash is advantageous for -  

Absorption of nutrients


Chronic bronchitis

Cough and cold




Digestive disorders like stomach acids

Energizes the brain

Empowers the muscles.



Hair loss and hair fall


Improves concentration and memory

Improves sexual potency and pleasure



Improves sense organs






Purification and circulation of blood

Promotes healthy respiratory system.

Premature aging

Prevents wrinkles

Premature graying of the hair

Removes toxins

Stimulates the liver

Skin luster


Vitamin C

Various infections, i.e. fungal, viral or bacterial etc.

Usage – May be taken directly or by mixing into warm milk or water. Recommended dose is one teaspoon in the morning and night. It may be had by using it as a jam that may be applied on the bread. If anyone suffers from burning sensations by using this beneficial product, he or she may have warm milk. Regardless of one’s age or sex, anybody can have Chyawanprash that is meant for good health.


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