All parts of the body including throat need to be maintained properly. Anything going wrong with the throat causes much pain because we are unable to swallow anything if there is some problem in this integral part. Known as phlegm too; Mucus occurs because of inflammatory infections, sinusitis, acid reflux, allergies or postnasal drip. This problem can result in breathing and other related problems. Mucus Blockage must be recognized by ascertaining its exact reason followed by apt treatment that may include antacids, steroids or reflux medications. Doctors must be consulted if the problem is serious.

Following remedies and preventive methods are much useful for quick relief from Chronic Mucus.

Herbal tea – Take this tea on regular basis as it shows excellent results to get rid of this harmful disease.

Eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis) – Enriched with tannins, flavonoids and irridoid glycosides, this natural herb helps to reduce mucus secretions. The antimucus and anti-inflammatory features of this herb are much useful to protect the patients from this disease as it helps to flush out excessive mucus.

Anise – This aromatic spice is used in the conventional types of medicines. With the contents of flavonoids, coumarins, volatile oil and sterols in it; Anise helps to manage flow of mucus in an even manner. Rich in photoanethole, dianethoe and trans-anethole features; Anise helps the patients to get quick relief from chronic mucus that is expelled from the throat and the lungs.

Fenurgeek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) – This herb is used in the form of rectangular yellow and pale seeds that act as digestive tonic. It is much helpful in upper respiratory infections, sore throat, stomach ulcers, anorexia and diabetes. Those suffering from high cholesterol and impotence can also be benefited with it. Fenugreek helps to loosen mucus and flush it out.

Radish – Amazing results can be obtained with red radish. Take it empty stomach in the mornings on regular basis, followed by intake of lemon juice and get rid of mucus.

Oregano Oil – This natural antibiotic herb works wonders to get quick relief from upper respiratory infections.

An apt mixture of ginger, honey and black pepper mixed with hot water helps to flush out mucus.

Make use of Silver Biotics to get rid of mucus/phlegm in the throat.

Turmeric along with apple cider vinegar also works wonders. Take it on regular intervals and see the mucus going out.

Take honey along with lemon juice to get rid of this problem.

Gargling with hot salt water for some time helps to get relief from mucus.

Coffee also reduces mucus as it loosens it and makes it to flow out.

Stay away from bad water, soft bread, milk, chocolates, peanut butter etc as they aggravate the problems of mucus.

You can stay healthy by saying NO to Chronic Mucus if you follow the above tips and take the home remedies in strict manners. This will help you greatly to get rid of the related problems and inconvenience. Avoid taking junk foods and stay away from smoking and excessive drinks. 

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