Chitrakadi gulika (Pack of 2)

Chitrakadi gulika (Pack of 2)

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Chitrakadi Gulika

Many of the stomach diseases occur due to acidity that results in complications if not controlled in the beginning itself. Various digestive disorders including constipation, vomiting and nausea etc affect the people if they do not take proper food or make use of alcohol or indulge in improper eating habits. There are hundreds of conventional types of medicines for treatment of stomach problems. However many of such medications affect the users in adverse manners because of some harmful components and wrong preparation methods.

Ayurvedic System of Medicine, with a positive approach for the patients assesses the causes of the diseases and then explores apt methods of preparing suitable medicines. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji has set an example by establishing Sri Sri Ayurveda, the centre for medicines and ayurvedic knowledge in Bangalore. Different types of medicines are prepared in this unit for the benefit of the patients across the globe.

Sri Sri Chitrakadi Gulika, the amazing medicine has been designed with a focus on the digestive disorders and other diseases related to one’s stomach and other parts of the body. It is prepared with the original herbal ingredients that are free from any harmful components.

Advantages - Chitrakadi Gutika, facilitated by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji is beneficial in many ways as under –

Constipation – People suffering from this ailment are advised to take this wonderful medicine that relieves them from hard stool and abdominal pain due to constipation.

Vomiting – Acidity often results in vomiting that can be cured effectively with this medicine.

Nausea – This physical problem can also be set aright with apt use of Chitrakadi Gutika that should be taken regularly.

Ulcers – It is an ailment that can be controlled with Chitrakadi Gutika that is a unique gift by Sri Sri Ayurveda.

Improves appetite - Chitrakadi Gutika improves the digestive system that is helpful to increase appetite which is good for health.

Burns fat - It is a wonderful medicine that helps to burn the fat from the human body. Thus it is much helpful for the fatty persons who can lose their weight by using it.

Eliminates gas – Excess gas and flatulence is reduced with it.

Grahni – This ailment, i.e. Colitis is also be got rid of.  

Abdominal pain – Acute pain in the abdomen can be reduced.

Dosage – Recommended dosage of this medicine is one or two tablets once or twice a day. It should be taken either prior to taking the meals or after having them. Ayurvedic doctor may be consulted. Over-dosage should be avoided as it results in burning sensations. This medicine should be stored in cool dry place and children should not be allowed to have access to it.

Diets – Patients suffering from indigestion or the related ailments should take milk, dals of arhar, moong and masur etc.

Precautions – Anybody suffering from higher blood pressure should take this medicine by consulting the physician because of the salt contents in it. He or she should refrain from non-spicy food, excess intake of salt, alcohol, smoking and overeating. Sufficient water, balanced diets at regular timings are recommended for the patients.


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